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The NCAA Tournament dominates the sports weekend as we count down the days until the Red Sox open their season in Texas. There is also college hockey playoffs in the Hockey East conference tonight and tomorrow on NESN.

Here are some weekend links:

David Scott will be blogging the NCAA Tournament.

Mike Reiss and the Patriots Daily Links page will keep you updates on any Patriots news.

The Red Sox Daily Links page will give the latest from Florida.

The New York Sports Pages will be entertaining as always.

Notes From the Week:

*Today is St Patrick’s day, which of course means that listeners were subjected to another “Butch from the Cape” tribute by Dennis and Callahan this morning shortly after the 8:00 break. The tribute included Larry Johnson gushing that Butch “taught WEEI how to do talk radio”. I still don’t get the adulation that this guy engenders. He was a degenerate, scumbag criminal that cheated people out of their money. He was the type of guy that if he wasn’t a sports talk caller, he would be castigated on the D&C program. Instead, he is deified. I’ve mentioned this in the past, and you can look at this blog posting for more on a Hartford Courant article from 2001 which told you exactly who Tommy Spears aka Butch from the Cape really was.


*Mike Reiss continues to tear it up on providing up to the moment Patriots news as it happens. Grabbing him and allowing him to keep his blog going was the smartest move Boston.com has made in some time. During this first week of free agency, Reiss has had every nugget of information that has been out there on the Patriots.

*Eddie Andelman will hold his 17th annual Hot Dog Safari on June 6th at Suffolk Downs. Andelman will begin broadcasting on WTTK 96.9 FM on Sunday nights from 7:00 to 10:00 PM with his revamped “Sports Huddle” program on April 2nd. Greater Media Boston, which owns 96.9 is his partner in the Safari this year.

*Despite his avowed hatred for all things internet, I’m coming to like it when Pete Sheppard fills in for Glen Ordway on The Big Show. He brings a passion for sports that others on the station lack, and I think unlike many of them, actually watches and gets into the games. His show on Monday about the NCAA tournament was something that never would’ve happened if Ordway was in the Big Chair. Pete also doesn’t bother with a lot of the nonsense drama and “role playing” when he’s leading the show as well. He still flubs up way too many sports flashes, but he’s gotten alot better at the hosting role.

*The Masters is rapidly approaching and a NH man along with his cousin are making the most out of a trip down there. Here’s what they say about their venture:

A couple of duffers at best, writing about our "Once in a lifetime" adventure to the hallowed grounds of "The National" - we are the common man's men, the Cinderella men, the Danny Noonans, the crazy greenskeepers, the weekend golfers that only dream of such an opportunity - we are bringing the emotions of thousands of "I wish I could go to the Masters" golfers to the Masters - and we want to do it right. Follow the preparation, the trip itself and live updates from the Masters on our website, www.livefromaugusta.com. The site has interviews with pro golfers, (yes, they returned emails) updated photos, lies, stories and half truths