Even without the Patriots, the Super Bowl is still the main attraction for this weekend. It will be interesting to see what the numbers are in Boston for the game. Glenn Ordway has been espousing the view all week that the TV numbers in Boston will be rock bottom compared to other cities and other Boston numbers from past years, even games in which the Patriots did not participate.

Curiously, race has been a big topic on WEEI this week. There was quite a lot of talk towards the end of the week because of the Donovan McNabb interview on ESPN. It never fails to crack me up when the middle aged white hosts of the station proceed to pontificate on the subject. From Gerry Callahan using the death of Coretta Scott King to take a shot at Jesse Jackson, to the Big Show crew telling us that NFL owners aren’t racist, because after all, they hire plenty of African Americans to play on their teams, these guys continue to show us just how enlightened they really are.

While watching FSN on Wednesday night prior to the Celtics game, I saw Gary Tanguay, John Meterparel and Michael Holley discussing Super Bowl week. Tanguay and Meterparel were complaining that nothing was going on, nobody was saying anything controversial. Holley tried to make the point that if someone did say something stupid, they (the media) would be all over them for it anyway. So they complain when no one says anything, and they complain when controversial things are said. It was interesting seeing Tanguay and Meterparel admit that they like it when athletes and coaches say dumb things because it make their jobs easier. It gives them something to talk about.
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I didn’t have time to compile the full sports TV listings this week. I haven’t gotten much feedback on that segment, so I opened this poll to see if you find the chart helpful or not. If you have suggestions for listings in another format, please let me know.

Some of my favorites from among the Whiney Awards Nominees. (Yes, I listen to that segment whenever I can.)

  • Best Original Character: “Grady and The Champ” – a dead -on Francona impression makes this one the best. (Close second is the Wild Vested Burton Hunter…also terrific.)
  • Best Impression Sports Radio Personality : The Beano Cook impersonator guy just slays me.
  • Baseball Personality Impression: Johnny Damon impersonator.
  • Non-Sports Personality Impression: Mayor of Boston impression.
  • Best Sports Whine: Dan Koppen, Randall Gay placed on IR whine.
  • Best Red Sox Whine: Tony GraffaniNOOOOO!

That’s enough for now. Great work guys. Funny stuff, no doubt. For the Big Show producers, the whole Whiner Line thing has to be a ton of work, just sorting through them each day, and then keeping the best, and putting together the Awards show…it can’t easy, but it’s worth the effort.

On the other hand, the long awaited re-launch of WEEI.com finally came about this week. The station has now gone from having a website that was modern looking in 1997, to one now that was modern looking in 2001. Somehow, I thought that the most listened to sports radio station in the planet would be able to come up with a little more impressive site. Hopefully more things will be added to the site, but somehow I think this is what it will look like until 2010.

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