It’s going to be a bit of a scaled-back week here at BSMW, as I try to get a few things done, and also recharge a bit heading into the new year.

The Patriots scored a 31-21 win over the New York Jets last night on the Finale of ABC’s Monday Night Football. There is some concern however, over the health of Tedy Bruschi who left the game last night with a leg injury. Reports after the game varied a bit, Channel 5 reported it as a “very serious” injury, while on Fifth Quarter, Michael Felger said that Bruschi was laughing and without a wrap in the locker room after the game, while on the same station Steve Burton was trying to make things appear grim, and stir up controversy by questioning Bill Belichick’s use of Bruschi on a kick coverage team. On WEEI, Pete Sheppard and company reported that Bruschi was seen walking out of the stadium after the game with a slight limp, but no crutches, and carrying his own bags. On WBCN, Gary Tanguay’s crew picked up on Belichick saying that Bruschi’s leg “tightened up on him” to indicate that perhaps this wasn’t a extremely serious injury.

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The Red Sox have lost out on free agent pitcher Kevin Millwood. No word on when the press conference will be scheduled to spin and discuss it….

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From the weekend, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out these two especially egregious examples of the Red Sox and Globe attempting some PR damage control in wake of Johnny Damon signing with the Yankees last week. The first is in an unsigned editorial that appeared on Saturday entitled Steinbrenner’s folly. The second, and much worse, is from a character named Sam Allis, and entitled Exit, Stage Left. He opens with a cheap shot that would make Dan Shaughnessy or Ron Borges jealous.

You can't call the departure of Johnny Damon for Yankee Stadium a case of brain drain because there isn't much brain to drain. Any doubts about that were put to rest with the removal of his tresses in a tony Manhattan hair salon, and we now see he closely resembles an early hominid of the Middle Paleolithic Era.

Are you kidding me? How in the world can the Globe publish this? A shot at Damon’s appearance is petty, and could be construed as just a step below racism. What are they going to say the next player who leaves the Red Sox looks like? Unbelievable.

Steve Bulpett reports on the Celtics dropping the first game of their West Coast road swing, 118-111 in Seattle, despite 43 points from Paul Pierce. Shira Springer has the story for the Globe. She also has a look at Delonte West, who appears ready to take his game to another level. You can get the view from Seattle on the game from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Seattle Times. Bulpett’s notebook reports that Tony Allen won’t be rushing back into action, while Springer’s notebook looks at Kendrick Perkins earning his role as a starter.

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