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If you’re outside of Boston and looking for what NFL coverage you’re going to receive on Saturday, check the maps for the CBS Early Game, CBS Late Game and Fox Coverage.

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Earlier this week, SI handed out their 2005 Media Awards Bill Griffith and Jackie MacMullan both received mentions in the article.

Susan Bickelhaupt in the Globe talks to Wendi Nix about her possible conflicts reporting sports and being married to Red Sox Co-GM Ben Cherington. Earlier this week, John Molori also had a conversation with Nix on the same topic. has an interview with Ryen Russillo which was posted last night. Russillo talks about how he got into sports media and what the future holds for him.

The Sports Law Blog has a report on U.S. Rep. Marty Meehan, who made a statement before the House of Representatives honoring Steve Belichick for his positive contributions to sports.

Dan Shaughnessy Watch reminds us why the site exists.

Steve DeOssie gets some credit for his claim on SportsFinal last Sunday night claiming that Johnny Damon was offered and would accept a $53 million dollar deal from the Yankees. He had it at 5 years, but Damon himself said it was originally a 5 year offer and he took 4 so he could get to free agency again.

Boston Sports TV Schedule for 12/23-12/26

Mike and Mike

Michael Holley and Michael Smith again formed a solid combination working together this week after Dale Arnold took a few days off. On Thursday they had a great show, with a one-two punch of guests that included former Patriots coordinators Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis. Both were great interviews, with a contrast being that Crennel was limited in the contact he can have with the Patriots and his friends there, while Weis talked about how great it is that he is not in competition with the Patriots and thus can root for them, talk to them, and visit them.

C’mon, Guys

It was the week of guest hosts on WEEI, and Friday morning saw the combination of Steve Buckley and Tom E Curran. It was one of the better morning show combos of the week. There was a moment however where I was disappointed that baseball guy Buckley didn’t step up and make a correction. A caller just prior to 9:00 AM made the claim that we shouldn’t be surprised to see the Red Sox tearing it all down, because John Henry went into Florida, where the Marlins had never won a World Series, won one there and then dismantled the team to save money, and that he was doing the same thing here. The hosts let the statement stand, even though it was Wayne Huizenga who did those things with the Marlins, not Henry. That should have been made clear and not allowed to stand as an unchallenged fact.

What Was He Thinking?

On Thursday came the tragic news that Tony Dungy’s 18 year old son had been found dead. At Bill Belichick’s press conference in the morning, Steve Burton asked Belichick for reaction on the news. Well, asked might be pushing it, Burton’s technique of questioning usually comes in the form of a statement. (That’s an issue for another time) In this case it was “Tony Dungy’s son died this morning.” Belichick then did the best he could to respond to it, expressing sympathy and saying their prayers would be with Dungy and his family.

That query, as awkward as it was, was appropriate. Unpleasant or not, it gave the coach a chance to make a bit of statement from the organization in support of the Dungy family. That was something that Belichick was prepared for.

Now we get to the stunning part. After Belichick answered, Burton followed up with another “statement”. He said that “they” said it was a suicide and then proceeded to state the rumored manner of death. Belichick really had no followup for that, how could he? He just added that obviously Burton knew more about it then he did and said it was tragic.

A few things about this…first, at the time of the press conference, it had not yet been officially reported as a suicide. Yet Burton was here, in an official press conference bringing up the topic as fact and then giving totally unnecessary and unconfirmed details, which were speculative. What did he expect from Belichick?

I’m certain that there was no malice on Burton’s part. He strikes me as a good guy. But the followup was incredibly thoughtless and comes across as Burton being eager to share that he knows something about the situation that the rest of the people in the room didn’t know. That exchange was excised out of the official transcript of the press conference from the Patriots but can be heard on the audio version which is still posted at

Ordway Knows Basketball

In case you missed it, Glenn Ordway said that Ricky Davis “sucks”. Read the rebuttal on the BSMW Full Court Press page. It’s clear that Davis does not suck and doesn’t even in the last month where Ordway insists that he does, repeating that claim on Thursday. Don’t you dare question Ordway’s hoop knowledge, or you risk being mocked on the air in the afternoons…

Bradford’s Move Working Out

Last week we mentioned the job that Rob Bradford has done since moving to the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune. This week, I asked Bradford how the move has gone, and what the biggest difference he has found in the job.

"The biggest difference is the amount of time and energy I am able to devote to one focus (in this case, the Red Sox). True, between the group of Eagle-Tribune newspapers the circulation is bigger than where I came from. And I think The Trib might have a little higher profile in the Boston circles from the great work done by guys like John Tomase, Hector Longo, Mike Muldoon, Tim Bresnahan, and Bill Burt even before I arrived. But I really think that my job description has changed, and that is the impetus for any perceived change in production.

"I've talked to Mike Reiss about this, since he was in a similar situation. A lot of times we might have a great idea in regards to a Boston-based story, but might not either have the time to execute it because of other responsibilities or would have to do so in addition to helping in the office/laying out the paper/covering locals. It's no knock on anybody, but is just the reality of the job we signed up for.

"The Red Sox are obviously the biggest story on most days of the year around here, and I think credit should be given to the paper's management in embracing that. Now, if I don't hold up my end of the bargain and produce something other than what they can pick up on the wire than the plan won't work. And that brings up another challenge. It's hard not to get sucked into going head-to-head with the Boston papers on the everyday stuff, when a lot of times the real object for the suburban papers is to find the story readers won't find in the Herald or Globe. Sure, sometimes that may be a "scoop" for the big story of the day, but a lot of times it has to be dressing up a Wally the Green Monster outfit.

"The guys are at The Lowell Sun are great, and I miss working with them. But to get a chance at making a dent in one of the nation's most intense beats has been pretty satisfying.

Now I just have to find a way to manage my cell phone bill."

Rumor of the Day

Here’s a little tidbit from in the middle of a piece from Ken Rosenthal:

The Cubs and Orioles also have engaged in three-way discussions with the Red Sox in which Tejada would go to the Cubs and Ramirez to the Orioles, according to another source. The package the Sox would receive is unclear, but conceivably could include Prior, shortstop Ronny Cedeno and center fielder Corey Patterson.

Sports Media Reporters from around the country:
(Many of them seemed to take the week off…)

Phil Mushnick, NY Post – Classic Case of Ill Will

Jim Williams, DC Examiner – From TV to radio, sports options good for the holidays.

Bob Raissman, NY Daily News – On MSG, Thomas is MIA.

William Houston, Toronto Globe and Mail – TSN will take a close look at the feuding, Terrell Owens-like American players.

Tom Hoffarth, LA Daily News – Bowling for dollars suits ESPN fine.

Jay Posner, San Diego Union Tribune – ‘MNF’ just won’t be quite the same.

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