A busy day continues…

Patriots game stories: Tom King, Nashua Telegraph. Mike Lowe, Portland Press Herald. Glen Farley, Brockton Enterprise. David Pevear, Lowell Sun. Mike Reiss also has a number of items in his blog for today.

Eric McHugh says that the return of Kevin Faulk gave the Patriots a needed boost on offense yesterday. King says that the victory was really nothing to brag about just yet. Bob Stern says that Brady’s return to form was a foregone conclusion.

Ron Hobson looks at the special draft class of 1995 for the Patriots, of which three players were in attendence yesterday. Lowe looks at Gino Cappelletti passing the torch of Patriots all time leading scorer to Adam Vinatieri. Lowe also looks at the team saying thank you to Ted Johnson for his years of service with the club.

King’s notebook has more on Johnson. McHugh’s notebook has more on Vinatieri.

Red Sox/Hot Stove

The Globe Extra Bases blog is going to be updating from the winter meetings, and might be a good spot to check out over the next few days. Another possibility could be the Herald Clubhouse Insider, but that blog hasn’t been updated since the Beckett trade. If you missed Bob Lobel’s interview with Larry Lucchino on Sports Final last night, you can head to the CBS4 website and view the segment there.

For those of you on the Manny fence, you have two choices in websites to visit. KeepManny.com or TradeManny.com. I prefer the Keep Manny site, in case you’re wondering… (interestingly, on the Trade Manny site, their poll is running 84% to 16% in favor of KEEPING Manny…over 325 votes thus far.)

David Frank has a good profile of Wyc Grousbeck for Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly.

Regular Monday Reads:

Chad Finn’s Touching All the Bases.

Sheriff Sully

Cold Hard Football Facts notes that among other things, only five teams are worse than the Patriots (-9) in turnover margin this year, and they are five of the worst teams in football: the Jets, 49ers, Ravens, Rams, Packers and Saints. The Patriots are tied for dead last in takeaways with the 1-11 Texans. It’s impressive , perhaps even historic, that they’re 7-5, and on the verge of locking up a playoff spot, despite an inability to force turnovers. CHFF is also featured in this month’s edition of Boston Magazine.

Peter King’s Monday Morning QB looks at the playoff picture. King also looks at what went into Tom Brady being selected as SI’s sportsman of the year.

FSN Blogs (shameless plug)

Media Miscues from yesterday and today:

  • On Dennis and Callahan this morning, they were talking about how dumb a team would be to pass on Reggie Bush with the first pick of the draft this year, and Callahan says that it would be like the Blazers drafting Sam Bowie and watching Jordan become the player of a generation, and Dennis pipes in “Or like taking Neal Walk over Lew Alcindor” and laughs…

    One problem, Walk was taken second AFTER Alcindor. Even if Walk was a stiff (though he did average 20 pts a game for the Suns one year) the analogy is meaningless, since Milwaukee made the right pick and selected Alcindor with the first pick.

  • The AP story of the Celtics win over the Knicks yesterday incorrectly stated that it was the third win in a row for the Celtics. Sure, they should’ve won that game against the Bulls on Friday night, but they didn’t.
  • Bob Neumeier on “Fifth Quarter” yesterday incorrectly stated that the interception by Ellis Hobbs was the first of his career. It wasn’t. He had his first in the win over Miami.