11.09.05 Afternoon

A bit of a slow day for the fund drive thus far today, still about $250 short of the daily total needed to keep on pace with the goal mark. Thanks again to those who have participated thus far.

David Scott has a couple of items today, leading off with the news that Bill Griffith might be getting nudged out at the Globe. He also talks with Howard Bryant on his way out of town.

Gordon Edes has been blogging like mad from the baseball GM meetings today.

Eric McHugh hands out midterm grades for the Patriots, and as the 4-4 record would indicate, they’re a very average team right now.

Mark Farinella doesn’t like how the Patriots are conducting themselves after losing to the Colts on Monday night.

Tom King says that the Patriots know they have a long way to go before they can be considered contenders.

A couple of items from Mike Reiss, his Reiss’ Pieces blog has a couple of entries today, including a note that Duane Starks was not around for the start of practice or in the locker room today. From yesterday, we have another edition of Reiss’ Mailbag, which has a lot of stuff from after the Colts game.

The Baltimore Sun (Free Registration Required) has an article on the Sports Guy, Bill Simmons.


Fund Drive Day Three, Pats Post-Mortem

We’re now on day three of the BSMW Fall Fund Drive and making some steady progress. Today we’d like to get another $450 or so and reach $1800, which will keep us on pace to meet the final goal. Your support to the site is crucial going forward and appreciated greatly.

The post-mortem of the Patriots continues. Michael Felger hands out his weekly grades in the report card feature, the harshest marks going to Corey Dillon (“F” for turning his back on contact) and the secondary, (Also F). Tim Weisberg also has a report card on the Patriots. Speaking of the secondary, Jerome Solomon says that they were beaten in every way possible by the Colts on Monday. Lenny Megliola says we couldn’t have been all that surprised at what we saw on Monday night. Ron Borges says that the Patriots problems go beyond the absence of Richard Seymour, or the play of Duane Starks. Chris Kennedy and Eric McHugh look back at the loss on Monday as the Patriots were exposed on national TV. Bill Simmons says that while the Colts may have vanquished their Patriots demon, they still have to go out and win the Super Bowl. Jeff Jacobs says that the Patriots patchwork defense had no chance.

The BSMW Game Day Rear View checks in with a look at the flaws of the Patriots just becoming too many to overcome against the Colts. Tom E Curran has Tom Brady calling out for more passion and enthusiasm from his club. He feels that they’re feeling sorry for themselves at times. Alan Greenberg says that past glory and Super Bowls cannot mask the fact that this is a very average team right now. John Tomase and Dan Pires have Troy Brown noting that the team just has no passion right now. Albert Breer says that the Patriots are all about Brady right now, much as the Colts have been about Manning in the past. Ian M Clark and Christopher Price note that the Patriots are in an all-out battle for the division starting now. Jonathan Comey reminds us that the worst is now behind us for the Patriots. Gerry Callahan (subscription only) says that the onsides kick was the rising of the white flag and the end of the dynasty.

Bill Burt says that Peyton Manning is worth our admiration. Ron Hobson says that Manning’s patience is what is finally getting him the victories. Tomase’s notebook reports that if the Patriots are in the market for some secondary help, the pickings are slim at the moment. Curran’s notebook re-visits the onsides kick from Monday.

Once again the Bruins had a lead and allowed it to slip away, as they lost to the Flyers in Philadelphia last night, 4-3. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell and Stephen Harris have the game recaps. Dan Hickling also has a game story in the Providence Journal. Harris talks to former Bruin Mike Knuble, who says there are no hard feelings towards the club. Mike Loftus looks at Colton Orr as the young forward continues to build a role for himself on the Bruins. Burrell’s notebook has more on Knuble, while Harris’ notebook continues the Alex Zhamnov watch. Hickling’s notebook looks at the Flyers’ offseason moves as compared to those of the Bruins.

Apparently some rumors were floating around the GM meetings that Theo Epstein could still come back to the Red Sox. Dan Shaughnessy does what he can to fan those flames, but tells us:

Note to conspiracy buffs and sports-talk radio listeners: None of this comes from inside sources close to the negotiations or The New York Times Company, which owns 17 percent of the Red Sox (and all of the Boston Globe). It's not a suggestion from Curt Schilling or any of his little late-night, on-line friends. It wasn't fed to the Globe by Scooter Libby, Mark Felt, or any Lucchino consigliere. It's just something that makes sense.

Whatever, Dan, you’re irrelevant. Michael Silverman also addresses the Theo rumors, and also looks at the club’s plans for interviewing candidates this week. Bill Lajoie also returned to the club this week, after leaving at the same time as Theo. Gordon Edes looks at one of the candidates added to the list, Indians assistant GM Chris Antonetti. He also discusses some of the other issues around the club right now. For keeping up throughout the day, Edes has been doing a very good job with the Boston.com Extra Bases blog, filing several updates from the GM meetings yesterday. David Heuschkel also has a report on the GM search.

Peter May looks at a tough week at home coming up for the Celtics, with Memphis, San Antonio and Houston coming in between now and Sunday. Mark Murphy looks at Paul Pierce as the best rebounding guard in the NBA. Mike Fine reports on Dan Dickau, who finds himself back in the Celtics rotation after playing well on Saturday night in Charlotte. Murphy also had a bit on Doc Rivers helping out a coach from the South African national team. The piece also mentions former Celtic Sam Vincent, who coached the South African team and is now coaching the Nigerian squad. Murphy’s notebook has Rivers hoping to settle on a nine man rotation.

Howard Bryant has his farewell column today. It is a subscription only column, but if you can can get a copy, it’s a good read. He addresses the “cartel”, noting the relationships between the Red Sox, Globe, WEEI and other outlets have always existed really, but not nearly on the scale we see now, and it becomes a credibility issues. A few points from Bryant:

Reporters from newspapers other than the Globe, including those from the Herald, earn money from the all-powerful radio voice. It is a shrewd maneuver on the part of WEEI that insulates it from criticism. Ultimately, the consumer loses.

If the goal of NESN was primarily to serve Red Sox fans, its Globe-owned pre-game show would invariably interview the journalists who had produced the outstanding news of the day, whether the report appeared in the Globe, Providence Journal, or even the dreaded Herald.

The true role of the Cartel is to increase and expand the revenue stream of the New York Times, the brands of Globe, NESN, and the Red Sox, while providing its viewers content, exactly in that order.

For the record, since so many Herald readers seemed convinced I was obsessed with playing

Colts Break Through

Updated 10:10 am

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11.07.05 Afternoon

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Some afternoon links:

Eric McHugh has his game preview, and notes that as usual, it’s all Brady vs Manning.

Tom King notes that the Patriots have always kept the Colts under control…will this time be any different?

Glen Farley says you know this is a big game when BOTH QB’s were on the cover of SI last week.

Mike Lowe says that these are the same old Colts….just a whole lot better.

Mike Reiss will likely have some updates prior to the game.

Nationally, Mark Kreidler says that this game is one that the whole country can be interested in. John Clayton previews the game as part of his First and 10 segment. Bill Williamson of MSNBC says that the pressure is on the Patriots, not the Colts. Bob Cook says that Brady is better than Manning. TheSportsAdvisors like the Patriots tonight. Pat Kirwan believes that the Colts have enough to get the job done and knock off the Patriots tonight. Adam Schefter says all signs point to the Colts, but he’s still not sure. Peter King checks in with his Monday Morning Quarterback article.

David Scott looks at the brave last days of WWZN.

Win Bates looks at Cam Neely entering the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Chaz Scoggins has the interesting tale of a Lowell native who figured in the 1919 World Series.

I’ve got a short post on FSNE looking at the lost weekend for the Celtics.

BSMW Fall Fund Drive, Patriot/Colts

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Now, onto the links for this morning. The Patriots and Colts kick off tonight on Monday Night Football, and each team comes into the game with something to prove. The Patriots are looking to re-establish themselves as a top team in the league, while the Colts aim is to remain undefeated and to finally vanquish the Patriots, something they’ve been unable to do for the last few years.

Jerome Solomon provides a preview for tonight, noting that things might be different for the Patriots and Colts this time around, but it remains to be seen if the results will be. Michael Felger says that the key to the game for the Patriots is to be physical and to force the Colts into making mistakes. Alan Greenberg bounces around a little in his article on tonight’s game, but I think his point is that this time seems different. Dan Pires notes that the Patriots have always seemed to come up with the big plays when they needed them against the Colts. To have success tonight, they’re going to need even more of those big plays. Michael Parente says that this may only be a regular season game in early November, but there is a lot at stake for both teams. Chris Kennedy looks ahead to tonight’s game, and notes that even Tom Brady feels a little extra excitement in facing off against Peyton Manning and the Colts. Bill Reynolds says that tonight is the Patriots chance to finally eclipse the Red Sox for the first time this season and have the spotlight to themselves. John Tomase’s notebook looks at some numbers for tonight and the need for the Patriots to be physical.

Ron Borges says that even if Payton Manning and the Colts don’t win tonight, eventually they will break through, and eventually they will win a Super Bowl. Borges calls it absurd that people get on Tony Dungy and Manning because they haven’t yet won “the big one”. He goes on to criticize those who only believe you are successful if you win a championship. I’ll remember that when the day comes that the Patriots don’t win a Super Bowl, and Borges calls them a failure. Albert Breer says that the running game is key for the Colts this season, as they have relied on it more than that the pass thus far. Ian M Clark wonders if it is finally Manning’s time to shine in Foxboro. Tim Weisberg says that defense is the difference for this year’s Colts team. Bill Burt looks at Colts President Bill Polian, who is still chasing that elusive Super Bowl title. Nick Cafardo has an article on Colts linebacker Gary Brackett, who has overcome a number of family tragedies in his short time in the NFL.

Game Previews: Jim McBride in the Globe has as usual, the most complete game breakdown of the bunch. (Other than the BSMW Game Day preview, of course.) The Boston Herald says that the Patriots need to control the clock and get a big effort from their front seven on defense. Alan Greenberg in the Harford Courant says that the Patriots need a running game on offense and to not be shredded in the defensive secondary to have a chance. The Standard Times lists out five keys to the game for the Patriots, which include press coverage and breaking the wedge on special teams. Tom E Curran in the Providence Journal says that the Patriots need to control the ball on offense for as long as they can, and introduce a new wrinkle to Peyton Manning on defense. He also says they need to watch out for Dwight Freeney and Brandon Stokley. Felger says that the Patriots need a hands on approach to defense tonight.

Get the view from Indianapolis in the pages of the Indy Star. Check in with Mike Reiss throughout the day for updates on his blog as well.

Yesterday, Rob Bradford made his Lawrence Eagle-Tribune debut with a column entitled “The not so private life of Theo Epstein”. Gordon Edes reports that Red Sox manager Terry Francona will be ungoing knee replacement surgery this coming Friday. Jeff Horrigan reports that the Red Sox managerial search may end up being from among internal candidates. David Borges reports that Providence native Jeremy Kapstein, who currently serves as a Red Sox senior advisor on baseball matters could be a leading candidate for the job. His name did not appear in Horrigan’s list of possible internal candidates. Horrigan also speaks to free agent Kevin Millar, who seems resigned to the fact that he won’t be returning to the Red Sox next season.

The Herald Business section chimes in with a pair of articles on the Red Sox (and the Globe). Scott Van Voorhis says that the Red Sox media power play by top management backfired big time last week, costing them their General Manager. Brett Arends says that for John Henry and the Red Sox, it’s always about the number$. Also worthy of note is the Globe Ombudsman piece from yesterday, looking at the challenges faced by the Globe in covering the Red Sox.

Cam Neely joins the ranks of NHL Hall of Famers tonight as he is inducted into the Toronto shrine. Kevin Paul Dupont looks at Neely’s moment of glory and notes that Boston fans should embrace this as there is no telling when the next Bruin will be honored in this way. Karen Guregian looks at how Neely’s power game got him into the hall. Mick Colageo says that Neely was truly the last of his kind in the NHL, the prototypical power forward. Mike Loftus also looks at Neely, who connected with the average guy because of his style. Yeterday, Guregian had a nice piece about Neely’s favorite place…home with his family.

Joe McDonald looks at the Bruins trading disgruntled forward Andy Hilbert to the Blackhawks for a fifth-round draft choice. Stephen Harris says that some feel that the NHL is like playing the All Star game every night – no defense. On the BSMW Power Play, Lance uses some interesting statistical analysis to make “The Case for Hannu Toivonen”.

Shira Springer looks at the Celtics as they regroup after a pair of weekend losses by a total of three points. The Celtics don’t play again until Wednesday and are hoping that the extra work will pay off as the team faces a tough schedule this week, with Memphis, San Antonio and Houston coming into town. Steve Bulpett reports on Dan Dickau getting some time on Saturday night, and seemingly moving into the backup point guard slot. Yesterday, Peter May had an extensive NBA notebook, which included closing the door on the Antoine Walker trade(s). Bulpett’s notebook looks at the Celtics licking their wounds after the weekend, lamenting the fact that they could easily be 3-0 instead of 1-2 right now.

The New England Revolution made it the MLS finals with a 1-0 win over the Chicago Fire at Gillette Stadium yesterday. (And perhaps making the field more torn up and muddy for Manning and the Colts tonight.) Frank Dell’Apa and Mike Biglin report on the Revolution earning their second trip to the MLS championship. Shalise Manza Young also contributes a game story. Fluto Shinzawa says that the Fire only made one mistake on the afternoon, but it was enough to end their season. Biglin reports on Chicago goalie Zack Thornton looking to cause trouble after the game. Dell’Apa’s notebook looks at the moves that helped get the Revs to where they are now. Biglin’s notebook reports some lineup changes that helped the Revolution yesterday. Young’s notebook looks at the effort of New England goalkeeper Matt Reis.

Michael Vega and Steve Conroy report on BC coach Tom O’Brien making a QB change for this weekend’s game against NC State. Matt Ryan will get the call in place of Quinton Porter. Alan Lessels reports that UNH will likely regain the number ranking in division 1-AA football again this week. Nationally, Mark Blaudschun says that Alabama’s title hopes are virtually null thanks to the juggernauts at USC and Texas. Zach Rocha looks at the hopes of local colleges as the basketball season rolls around.

Get your national links and NFL coverage on the New York Sports News page (Including a good article on Bill Belichick) and the Bay Area Sports page.

ABC has Patriots/Colts at 9:00. OLN has Penguins/Rangers at 7:00.

Getting Ready for the Weekend.

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The Theo Epstein saga seems to be winding down a little in the papers, but be assured it has a talk radio life of at least three more weeks. David Heuschkel and Jeff Horrigan have recaps of John Henry’s appearance on WEEI yesterday, where he was still expressing shock and dismay over the departure of Theo. Here is a link to the segment via the WEEI Audio vault – John Henry’s WEEI Appearance. As we begin to accept the fact the Theo isn’t going to be the GM of the Red Sox anymore, Jim Donaldson tells us that it isn’t the end of the world anyway. Horrigan reports that Theo may not be just looking for a GM position when he finally lands somewhere, he could be a team president for another club out there, possibly in Washington. Chris Snow and Tony Massarotti report that the Red Sox can apparently scratch the name of Padres GM Kevin Towers off of their wish list to be the next General Manager, as Towers indicated yesterday that he will say in San Diego and doesn’t want to uproot his family at this time. Nick Tavares wonders if the Evil Empire is creeping north to Yawkey Way.

Steven Krasner has newly re-signed Mike Timlin fretting a little over the loss of Epstein. Horrigan’s notebook points out that Timlin did pretty well for himself, working without an agent. Bill Griffith examines the issues of baseball replay. Snow’s notebook looks at David Ortiz winning the AL Outstanding player in the Players Choice awards, voted on by the players.

The Bruins got themselves a win last night, netting a 4-1 victory over the Florida Panthers. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell looks at the Bruins getting the win despite putting out a very injured and young defense. Douglas Flynn says with the defense hurting the Bruins used their forwards to put a lot of pressure on the Panthers. Joe McDonald reports on the Bruins young guns bringing energy, passion and a will to win last night. Stephen Harris looks at the young blueliners taking a stand last night against the Panthers. Marvin Pave examines the contributions of rookie defenseman Andrew Alberts.

The Bruins officially named Ray Bourque a special consultant to the Bruins coaching staff yesterday. Mick Colageo looks at the role and how Bourque might be able to help out. Joe Haggerty looks at the return of Bourque, and how having him around could benefit the young defensemen on the Bruins. Flynn also as a short report on how the role of tutor will be Bourque’s way of being around the team. Burrell’s notebook also looks at the return of Bourque, as does McDonald’s notebook. Eric Nickulas is back up with the Bruins, and he is the subject of Flynn’s notebook.

The Patriots have the weekend to rest, but get back to work on Monday night against the undefeated Indianapolis Colts. John Tomase says that until the Colts prove otherwise, the Patriots have the edge on them in this game, despite what it looks like on paper. Nick Cafardo says that Peyton Manning is more relaxed going into this game, with good reason, but that until he actually beats the Patriots, he’s going to have that 400lb gorilla on his back. Tom E Curran also looks at the Colts trying to finally get over the hump against the Patriots. That is also the focus out in Indianapolis, where the Indy Star has several articles looking at whether the Colts can finally break through against the Patriots.

Alan Greenberg says that the Patriots will likely have to keep their tight ends in once again in an effort to help keep Dwight Freeney off of Tom Brady’s back. Chris Kennedy has a further look at Freeney, who leads the Colts pass rush and defense. Ian M Clark wonders if this will be the week we’ll finally see Richard Seymour out on the field. Jerome Solomon says that the absence of Seymour leaves a gaping hole on the Patriots defensive line. Eric McHugh notes that if the other Patriots running backs are like Corey Dillon when he’s hurt – a junkyard dog – then the Colts should be worried. Mike Reiss reports that the Patriots had former Patriot Mike Cloud in for a workout yesterday. If you missed his mailbag from earlier in the week, it’s always worth checking out.

Solomon’s notebook has Willie McGinest downplaying comments he made about the Colts earlier this year on ESPN. Tomase’s notebook has Rodney Harrison speaking out on the Colts. Curran’s notebook says that this years knee injury for Seymour is the same as the one that kept him out a month last season.

Jim McCabe and Jim Lazar make their weekly picks in the Globe and Herald. I.M. Bettor and Double D also look at the weekend action. Patrick Hanrahan looks at the fantasy stats for Patriots/Colts.

Mark Murphy says that the ankle that Al Jefferson sprained on the first day of training camp is still giving him some trouble. Mike Fine has a look back at the opening night win over the Knicks and the performance of Delonte West. Fine also had a piece on Red Auerbach holding court prior to the game. Peter May says that the Celtics have some pretty stiff tests in the early home schedule. Murphy’s notebook reports on Red still winning his share of arguments, even if it is over a pastrami sandwich.

David Scott has his regular Friday edition of Scott’s Shots. Also, Jim Baker looks at The Globe and Eddie Andelman in his weekly media column for the Nashua Telegraph.

Check out the sports news from the Big Apple on the New York Sports News page.

FSN has Celtics/Pistons at 7:30. ESPN has Cavs/Spurs at 8:00 and Timberwolves/Sonics at 10:00

Celtics Work Overtime in Opening Win

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After battling the Knicks in a tight game all night long, the Celtics took control in overtime and cruised to a 114-100 opening night win over their longtime division rivals. Shira Springer notes that the scoring burst in overtime came as a pleasant surprise as the Celtics had squandered a few chances to win the game in regulation. Steve Bulpett says that the Celtics were able to repent from earlier mistakes and make good in OT for the win. Shalise Manza Young reports on the Celtics spoiling the head coaching debut of Larry Brown with the Knicks. Jerry Trecker says that the Celtics were able to sent Red Auerbach home happy after the Celtics patriarch had made the trip up with his doctors for the game. Tim Weisberg says that for one night at least, the Celtics mattered. The BSMW Full Court Press also weighs in with thoughts on the opener.

It was fantastic to see Red at the game and to hear him on the radio in the afternoon. Peter May gets Red’s thoughts on a number of topics, including Phil Jackson, the youth of the Celtics and his own health. Mark Murphy also reports on Red, who has supposedly final had to give up his cigar habit. Delonte West was all over the place last night, coming one assist and one rebound shy of a triple double on opening night. Lenny Megliola has a look at West filling up the stat sheet for the Celtics. Mark Murphy says that West enjoys when people are negative about his abilities, and showed a lot going up against Stephon Marbury. The Celtics also enjoyed a nice night from their starting center. May notes that the Mark Blount of two seasons ago has reemerged for the green here so far in training camp and opening night. Bulpett also looks at Blount paying off last night, with some huge clutch hoops.

Yesterday, Mike Fine threw some cold water on those who hold out playoff hopes for this team. He said those who think the Celtics can win the division are “nuts” and that the playoffs are wishful thinking. Springer’s notebook has Delonte West doing his homework in preparation for facing Marbury last night. Bulpett’s notebook reports on Doc Rivers using his bench early and often last night, as 11 out 12 players saw action in the first half. Young’s notebook has more thoughts from Red on Doc Rivers and this young Celtics squad.

Get the views and stories from New York on the game and Larry Brown’s debut with the Knicks over at the BSMW New York Sports News page.

Yesterday, WEEI was forced by commitments to talk at lot of Celtics, despite the chaos of the Theo Epstein situation going on. They had some good guests, Robert Parish, Red Auerbach, Danny Ainge, Steve Pagliuca and Wyc Grousbeck all made appearances on the show, the guests were good, some of the Big Show crew needs to get reacquainted with basketball. Pete Sheppard asked Parish what improvements Tony Battie can make to his game, while Larry Johnson inquired of Ainge “Have you mind up your mind about Marcus Banks yet? Some say you aren’t going to pick up his option…” Of course, Battie has been gone from the club for almost two years (they tried to make it that Sheppard really meant Blount) and it was announced earlier this week and weekend that the Celtics had declined the option on Banks. Some might say these are minor details, but those guys have no problems going after a guy like Bill Griffith for making a minor oversight, so they should naturally be perfect themselves.

Yes, yes, on to the Theo stuff. Are we burned out from Wall to Wall Theo yet? Actually it’s been Wall to Wall Red Sox really since the beginning of the 2003 season, with scarcely a day off from some major rumor, event or scandal. Yesterday Epstein met with the media, and then John Henry met with the media. Not much was said on either side. Larry Lucchino was not there. Bob Ryan looks at the last words of Theo, and says we still don’t know why he is leaving. I’m glad Ryan did this story for the Globe, although they probably only used him because Shaughnessy was too busy making an appearance on every single media outlet that would have him, trying to repair his image. Michael Silverman says that no matter how much Epstein and Henry try to say that this wasn’t Lucchino’s fault, the fact that he wasn’t there yesterday speaks volumes. Art Martone tries to make sense of Theo’s explanations, and Lenny Megliola notes that while we got no blame yesterday, we got no answers, either. Alex Speier says that the press conference was certainly more notable for what was not said. Bill Reynolds agrees that it is easy to play connect the dots by who was there and who wasn’t there. David Borges also examines the press conference yesterday. Fred Hurlbrink Jr. says no answers wee needed from Theo, we could see it all for ourselves right there.

Chris Snow says that there was a whole trail of missteps during ownerships relationship and negotiations with their young General Manager, and it led to this outcome. Tony Massarotti says that the whole issue obviously comes down to trust. Theo didn’t trust Lucchino and was proven right about that. He says it’s time for everyone involved to just move on now. David Heuschkel and John Tomase look at John Henry falling on his sword for Lucchino, saying that all the blame should go to him. While that is a noble sentiment, I absolutely cannot buy it. As the principal owner, yeah, the buck stops with him. But his relationship, respect and admiration for Theo seem to be genuine. So it was clearly something else. Could he not stand up Lucchino? Obviously I don’t know John Henry. Making observations at a press conference is certainly not a safe indication of someone’s character and personality. But I have a hard time imagining the man behind that microphone yesterday getting in Larry Lucchino’s face and telling him how things are going to be run. We didn’t get any answers yesterday. Martone also looks at John Henry taking the blame, as does Borges, who calls the departure a crushing blow for him personally as well as the team. Sean McAdam says that yesterday took us back to the not-so-good old days for the Boston Red Sox. Gordon Edes says that Theo now has a world of opportunity before him.

Joan Vennochi says that the departure of Theo could take some of the fastball off of the Red Sox real estate development plans. Lucchino is the point man on those issues with the city and state, and the thinking could be among officials that if Epstein couldn’t trust and work with Lucchino, why should they? Margery Eagan (subscription only) in the Herald also has a column on Theo, noting that the Golden boy chose the more difficult path in this decision. I don’t know who Anthony Iarrobino is, but he gets a blurb in the Herald too. Jon Couture says that Theo sees the big picture in life and thus is able to move on. Garry Brown looks at Theo saying goodbye. Silverman says that it is now time for the GM Derby to begin. Kevin Gray looks at the deep NH roots in the Red Sox front office, and whether any of them might be up for promotion this winter. Snow’s notebook looks at Mike Timlin signing on for next season, and has Josh Byrnes shooting down the Manny rumor (as reported by Heuschkel). Silverman also has a brief bit on Timlin returning.

There is a little football game going on in Foxboro next Monday night. Some team called the Colts is coming to town. Jerome Solomon and Michael Felger each trot out the Tom Brady/ Peyton Manning and Joe Montana/Dan Marino comparisons. Tom E Curran says that now is the time for the Colts to beat the Patriots – if they’re ever going to do so. Still reveling in his White Sox winning the World Series, Colts fan Buddy Thomas tries a little reverse psychology and says there is no way the Colts can beat Tom Brady and the Patriots. Albert Breer looks at the job that Tony Dungy has done in revamping his defense into a unit that is statistically one of the best in the game. Karen Guregian looks at rookie tackle Nick Kaczur and the stiff test he’ll face Monday night in going against Dwight Freeney.

Alan Greenberg and Michael Parente each look at Corey Dillon, who has been dealing with injuries and of course age this season, but says he is getting better. Guregian also has a piece on old man Dillon, and the picture with it just cracks me up for some reason. Dan Pires and Christopher Price each look at Chad Brown, who has taken his Sunday night benching in stride and is just looking to help the club however he can. Michael Felger talks to Patrick Pass about dropping the ball on Sunday night after hurting his hamstring. Pass says the pain was worse than anything he’s ever felt on a football field.

Eric Benevides says that the Patriots streak against the Colts will come to an end on Monday night. Greenberg and Guregian each also have very brief reports on Tedy Bruschi being named AFC Defensive player of the week for last week.

Solomon’s notebook has more on Chad Brown’s feelings about sitting out against Buffalo. (The headline writers strike again, as the headline makes it looks like there’s a controversy going on, when the other articles, as well as Solomon’s clear show there isn’t. ) Curran’s notebook says Brown was just the victim of a numbers game. Guregian’s notebook also has Brown not making waves.

Check out the Indy Star for Colts coverage leading up to the game.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell reports that Brian Leetch will miss at least a month with a knee injury. Stephen Harris and Joe McDonald also report on the injury to the Bruins defenseman. Burrell’s notebook has an update on Andrew Raycroft, while Harris’ notebook updates us on Raycroft and Alex Zhamnov.

Eddie Andelman will have his farewell show on WWZN from 12-3 today. If you missed it yesterday, John Molori had some words from Eddie before the show, and he comes out swinging. Edit: It appears the show will be starting at 2:00.

NESN has Bruins/Panthers at 7:00. TNT has Pacers/Heat at 8:00 and Suns/Lakers at 10:30. ESPN has Pittsburgh/Louisville at 7:30

All Theo, All The Time

What we learned from Theo Epstein’s press conference, followed by John Henry’s session:

All the things that were NOT reasons why Theo resigned.

It wasn’t Larry Lucchino, it wasn’t Shaughnessy’s article, it wasn’t because he was burnt out, it wasn’t because he couldn’t handle the crush of fame in Boston. He just couldn’t put his heart and soul into the job.

Why then?

Scott’s Shots and Sheriff Sully continue their back and forth on the press conference.

John Molori examines Theo’s departure, and looks at Eddie Andelman’s farewell show tomorrow.

More Theo, Celtics Ready to Go.

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With a day to absorb the shock that Theo Epstein won’t be around anymore, now the process of restoring order and getting back to business begins. Tony Massarotti says that the organization needs John Henry to step up and be a stabilizing force during these times. Jackie MacMullan writes that these negotiations were a disaster and Henry and Larry Lucchino must answer for them. She says it never should’ve come to this and that they should have signed up Theo a long time ago. Art Martone says that the Red Sox just never saw this coming. David Heuschkel talks to Mike Port about working for Lucchino and what the Red Sox have to do next. Alex Speier notes that suddenly, the Red Sox seem to be an organization in turmoil once again. Sean McAdam looks at who the Red Sox are sending to represent the team at the GM meetings next week. Chris Snow examines what could be up next for Epstein. Michael Silverman says things were quiet at Fenway yesterday, with no one saying anything. He cites sources that say Boston has taken a serious hit with players around the league because of what has gone on here in recent days. Kevin Provencher talks to Bob Tewksbury about Theo’s departure, and the Red Sox psychology guru expresses his surprise over what has unfolded.

Silverman attempts to break down the early candidates to be the new GM of the Red Sox. Gordon Edes notes that the Red Sox are short on in-house candidates at this time. Garry Brown also looks at the search for a new General Manager for the team. Andrew Zimbalist has a story in the Globe looking at how much Theo Epstein is really worth.

Garry Brown and David Borges have Gold Glove catcher Jason Varitek expressing shock over Epstein’s departure, and indicating that this is not at all a popular development with the players on the club. Snow says that Varitek’s award is a little tainted by the departure of Theo. John Tomase also notes Varitek’s frustration on a day that should have been for celebrating the franchise’s first Gold Glove since Tony Pena. Martone also has Varitek lamenting the changes to the organization. Borges has Bronson Arroyo expecting a multi-year deal from the Red Sox this winter.

Dan Shaughnessy continued his media tour/damage control with an appearance on Dennis & Callahan this morning. He continues to say he finds it hard to believe that Theo Epstein is so thin-skinned that his column from Sunday would be enough to make him step down from the Red Sox. WEEI has already put the segments up on their website. You can listen to them here:

Segment one with Shaughnessy

Segment two with Shaughnessy

The segment with Curt Schilling is also worth listening to, as he and Shaughnessy traded barbs.

Scott’s Shots and Sheriff Sully go back and forth on the Theo situation.

With the Celtics opening their season tonight at the Garden against Larry Brown and the New York Knicks, Mark Murphy takes a look at the roster, noting that it is awfully…green. Mike Fine says that the young and restless Celtics roster is eager to make their mark in the NBA this season. Shalise Manza Young notes that at the moment Paul Pierce and Ricky Davis are the only definite pluses on the squad, everything else is really an unknown right now. Paul Doyle says that the Celtics need to come of age quickly, as right now it is Paul Pierce and bunch of kids. Lenny Megliola also looks at this Celtics squad on opening night and where they go from here. He claims that the Celtics are fourth in terms of popularity in Boston, even behind the Bruins. I don’t agree with that at all. The Celtics are ahead of the Bruins.

Steve Bulpett says that the growing pains for the Celtics this year could be ugly at times. Bulpett also breaks down the good, the bad, and the ugly in the NBA for this season. Mike Fine says that Ricky Davis is more than just flash, he has grown up and matured during his time with the Celtics. Scott Souza looks at Delonte West’s determination to make the point guard position his own this year. There is also a new edition of the BSMW Full Court Press up looking at the prospects for the upcoming season.

Mark Murphy examines the road that high school players face in trying to make the transition to the NBA. Bulpett looks at the three Celtics on the roster who joined the club out of high school. They don’t regret their choice, though Doc Rivers and Paul Pierce wish they had spent some time in college. Murphy looks at the struggles of a few of the recent 18 and under picks in the league. Bulpett looks at Ryan Gomes, who is a dinosaur is some ways as he actually went to four years of college.

Peter May has an article on Knicks coach Larry Brown this morning, who is taking on his latest and perhaps greatest challenge in coach in his home city of New York. Paul Doyle examines whether this will be a dream job or nightmare for Brown. Shira Springer’s notebook reports that the Celtics want to spend more time this season practicing on the Garden floor. Bulpett’s notebook also has the Celtics wanting to have a tough home court advantage this season.

Jonathan Comey says that if you think that the Patriots can’t beat the Colts this time, then think again. Michael Felger has Colts president Bill Polian not wishing to fan the flames of the Patriots/Colts rivalry at this time, he also looks at Chad Brown sitting out Sunday night, and Mike Vrabel’s transition to Inside Linebacker. Nick Cafardo looks at old man Corey Dillon solving a few of the Patriots offensive problems with his resolve on Sunday night. John Tomase says that after beating Buffalo Sunday night, the Patriots find themselves facing a much stiffer test next Monday night against the Colts. Michael Parente looks at the Patriots shuffling up their backfield a bit yesterday. Chris Kennedy says that the Patriots are out to take control of their division, and Sunday night was a start. Now they look ahead to Indy. Cafardo’s notebook looks at the Colts new balanced attack. He also has another Lawyer Milloy update and some contract talk.

Get the take from the midwest in the Indy Star.

The Bruins continued their overtime woes, losing to the Islanders last night 4-3. Worse, they also lost defenseman Brian Leetch, who suffered what is thought at this time to be an MCL injury. Kevin Paul Dupont and Stephen Harris report on the loss. Harris has Tom Fitzgerald frustrated by the inconsistency of the calls by the officials. Dupont’s notebook has Hannu Toivonen still learning the ropes as a starting goaltender. Harris’ notebook has more on the loss of Leetch.

FSN has Celtics/Knicks at 7:30. ESPN has Sixers/Pistons at 8:00 and Lakers/Nuggets at 10:30.