The first day of the BSMW Fall Fund Drive is off to a nice start, we’re sitting at $425 for the day, looking to go to $600 to be on pace to reach the goal.

Some afternoon links:

Eric McHugh has his game preview, and notes that as usual, it’s all Brady vs Manning.

Tom King notes that the Patriots have always kept the Colts under control…will this time be any different?

Glen Farley says you know this is a big game when BOTH QB’s were on the cover of SI last week.

Mike Lowe says that these are the same old Colts….just a whole lot better.

Mike Reiss will likely have some updates prior to the game.

Nationally, Mark Kreidler says that this game is one that the whole country can be interested in. John Clayton previews the game as part of his First and 10 segment. Bill Williamson of MSNBC says that the pressure is on the Patriots, not the Colts. Bob Cook says that Brady is better than Manning. TheSportsAdvisors like the Patriots tonight. Pat Kirwan believes that the Colts have enough to get the job done and knock off the Patriots tonight. Adam Schefter says all signs point to the Colts, but he’s still not sure. Peter King checks in with his Monday Morning Quarterback article.

David Scott looks at the brave last days of WWZN.

Win Bates looks at Cam Neely entering the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Chaz Scoggins has the interesting tale of a Lowell native who figured in the 1919 World Series.

I’ve got a short post on FSNE looking at the lost weekend for the Celtics.