Thanks to everyone who helped out in the 2005 BSMW Fall Fund Drive. I’ll be selecting the prize winners over the next couple days and notifying the winners.

Just a few items this morning as it’s another busy Monday here.

You can get a lot of your Patriots coverage on the Patriots Daily Links page, with all the headlines from the Globe, Herald, Projo, Reiss’ Pieces and stories from yesterday’s win over New Orleans. The Bob Ryan piece on Bill Belichick and his dad is top notch. Michael Felger also did a good job on this. Rob Bradford had a very good article with Belichick recalling the strike of 1987 when he had to piece together a team of replacement players.

Scott’s Shots weighs in with a monster edition from the weekend, including some WFAN/WEEI comparisons, some Deadspin observations, Sunday night sports shows recaps and a number of other items.

John Molori’s Media Blitz talks with Ted Sarandis about BC Basketball and his departure from WEEI, Talks with Dan Shaughnessy about being the villain in the Theo Epstein departure and Bill Griffith’s plans at the Globe.

On the other BSMW Blogs, check out the Patriots Game Day Rear View, Celtics Full Court Press and Bruins Power Play, all of which were updated in the last day.

As noted by Ben yesterday, this piece from Murray Chass in the New York Times yesterday is certainly suspicious and curious. Chass defends Larry Lucchino, talking to the candidates who turned down the Red Sox, noting that they were sure to say that it was for family reasons, not Lucchino that they turned down the club. The suspicious part is of course that the Times is part owners of the Red Sox and appears to have been used as another PR outlet for the club to do some damage control.

You can also check out the NY Sports News and Bay Area Sports for NFL roundups from around the league yesterday and coverage on the Rangers extended the Bruins losing streak.