With Celtics training camp opening up next week, the Celtics Full Court Press is back in action with the first in a series of training camp previews. With the new season, we’ve got a newly designed page and address for the blog. Come check out the new page and look at the Celtics options at power forward.

Dan Pompei has a must-read article on Bill Belichick, calling him “possibly the best coach in the history of the National Football League”.

Mike Reiss continues his one-man crusade to bring respectability to the Boston Globe’s Patriots coverage with two extensive entries thus far today. Mark Farinella says that the Patriots lost much more than just a star player in Rodney Harrison. Eric McHugh examines the improvements in special teams for the Patriots against Pittsburgh. McHugh’s notebook says to watch the Patriots performance against the run in the coming weeks with the loss of Rodney Harrison.

Chaz Scoggins examines the Red Sox season as it comes down to the final five games. Mike Fine says that Curt Schilling and Johnny Damon might not be the best of friends, but they’re good teammates to each other, as Damon comes to Schilling’s defense. John Tomase indirectly speculates that the “unnamed teammate” might be Kevin Millar:

Schilling didn't name the teammate, but it should be noted that after recording a 3-1 putout last night, Schilling ignored Kevin Millar's raised glove and started the traditional around-the-horn himself, firing directly to Tony Graffanino at second without acknowledging Millar.

That is the implication, right?

Mike Loftus has an update on the progress of Jonathan Girard in his comeback with the Bruins this season. Win Bates looks at the Bruins putting a lot of trust in the new veterans they’ve brought in.

Deadspin reports on Bill Simmons’ book signing last night in NYC.