Thoughts/Observations from throughout the day Sunday:

  • Michael Kay on the ESPN Sports Reporters “reminds” us this morning stated that the reason the Patriots always get to the Super Bowl is because they get to play home playoff games in the snow at Gillette Stadium.

    Yeah…guess those two AFC championship games IN Pittsburgh don’t count, huh?

  • Later on, Kay pushed A-Rod for MVP saying that David Ortiz ducked Randy Johnson a few weekends ago with a supposed back injury.
  • Tom Jackson on ESPN stated that if the Patriots lose today, their mystique and aura will be gone.
  • Michael Irvin then chimed in that if the Patriots lost today, losing could creep into their heads and be tough to shake. The season could be over.
  • John Tomase in the Eagle Tribune: “When all is said and done, Ramirez may well have authored the weakest 40-homer, 130-RBI season in big league history.”

    Based on…? A ludicrous statement. He goes on to talk again about how Manny is a devisive figure in the Red Sox clubhouse. Perhaps so, But is Manny more devisive than say, Curt Schilling? He’s had unnamed teammates sniping about him, just as Manny supposedly has. We know what Tomase’s horse in the race at this point is.

  • Tom Curran, laying the lumber on Ron Borges in his blog entry today.
  • Around 3:20, I was listening to the Yankee broadcast on WTSN-Dover (NH) in time to hear Mariano Rivera strike out Corey Koskie with two on and two out in the eighth with the score 4-3 Yankees. I switched over to the Red Sox radio broadcast and heard the dismay in Joe Castiglione’s voice as he reported the news and mused “How could he swing at that pitch?”
  • Yes, the implications are huge, but how many times did we need to see the Rodney Harrison injury re-played both during the game, but especially on the Fifth Quarter?
  • Always fun to hear the announcers sway back and forth from showering each team with praise as the momentum of the game swings in each direction.
  • Nice smackdown by Bill Belichick of Steve Burton during his press conference. Burton asked about the pass interference call. Belichick replies “Steve, you know where I’m standing. I mean, could I be any further away from the play?” Even better was Bob Lobel attempting to save Burton face by saying Belichick “rudely dismissed” Burton’s “legitimate question”.
  • Good start for Ted Johnson, but you could tell he felt a bit awkward…and who could blame him? He battled with these guys for years, and now has to be on the other side of the mic from them.
  • I lost count of how many times I heard the phrase “gut check win” on WBCN after 2,947.
  • …and yet, Gary Tanguay was STILL muckraking for controversy after the game…
  • Charlie Weis = Class Act
  • Michael Felger has nailed what would happen in each of the last two Patriots games. Bill Burt’s prediction in this morning’s paper: “New England 23, PITTSBURGH 20 Best game of the year”