How spoiled have we gotten?

Having championship teams in two different sports at the same time has created a unique mindset here in the region. Yesterday’s dual losses by the two title squads shocked some of so badly that we were reduced to quivering in a corner in the fetal position sucking our thumbs. Especially the loss by the Patriots. We’re just not used to seeing Tom Brady look like Payton Manning does when he plays the Patriots in the playoffs. We’re not used to seeing dumb penalty after dumb penalty by the Patriots.

Does Pete Sheppard deserve credit for predicting this loss? I think he does. He wasn’t bombastic about it on Friday, just said that he thought that they were going to have a really hard time with this one, and would lose. He was right.

Surprisingly, or perhaps not, Ron Borges is your voice of reason today. He reminds us that the Patriots are actually not superhuman figures, they are in fact human beings as well. Borges has done this in the past, writing the level-headed, reasoned column the day after a Patriots loss. Must be the contrarian in him, which wants to always swim against the current. Hector Longo wants to play a little game with us: panic…or patience.

Why in the world did CBS stick us with Dan Dierdorf yesterday? I thought being the two time champs would automatically mean we’d get the privilege of never hearing him on a Patriots broadcast this season? I’ve always liked Dick Enberg, even though he’s clearly lost most of his fastball by this point. Dierdorf though, just drives me insane. His most awkward line yesterday was after Randall Gay was injured, when he attempted to joke that Randall Gay was heading to the lockerroom for some Ben Gay.

I was also dismayed that we did not get a replay on the penalty on which Benjamin Watson was called for offensive pass interference, which was just another ill-timed penalty on a day of many, but was worthy because it was pretty much missed on the original live action.

Mike Reiss and Tom Casale has coverage of Bill Belichick’s press conference this morning, among the topics discussed was the decision not to challenge the first Stephen Davis touchdown.

John Tomase summons the vast power of for his coverage of the Red Sox 12-3 loss to the A’s. Mike Fine looks at the state of the Red Sox as they embark on a six game trip to Tampa and Baltimore, which could make or break their season. According to Michael Silverman’s notebook this morning, Craig Hansen could be called up to the Red Sox as soon as this afternoon. Kevin Thomas recaps the season for the Portland Sea Dogs, who were eliminated from the AA playoffs on Saturday night.

Update: Gordon Edes reports that Hansen and Hanley Ramirez have both been called up.

Chad Finn checks in with six assorted points from the weekend. Peter King has his weekly edition of Monday Morning Quarterback.

If you own an HDTV and are always looking for what sports programming is going to be available, the HDSportsGuide website is invaluable.