A busy Tuesday morning as we’ve got coverage of the Red Sox ending their winning ways, lots of analysis on tonight’s NBA draft and a couple other media related items.

The Red Sox hot streak came to a crashing halt last night in their return to Fenway as they were blanked by Kevin Millwood and the Cleveland Indians, 7-0. Chris Snow says that Eric Wedge and the Indians should be pleased with the symmetry achieved with this win. Sean McAdam notes that you can’t win if you don’t score, while Tony Massarotti goes a step further, telling us that when the Red Sox score at all…they win. Jeff Goldberg says that is was shoddy defense along with the lack of offense that did in the Red Sox last night. David Borges says that the Red Sox finally proved human after all.

Lenny Megliola looks at a forgettable night at Fenway, all was festive around the park…until the game started. Dan Shaughnessy tells us that the good news is that now the Red Sox can start new routines and wash the uniforms before starting their next winning streak. Karen Guregian writes that Bronson Arroyo is likely headed to the bullpen once Curt Shilling returns, and it has nothing to do with his shaky outing last night. Rich Thompson looks at how Kevin Millwood shut down the Red Sox bats last night. Kelsie Smith takes a look at the defensive lapses which did in the Red Sox last night. Alex Speier has a look at a historic run by Manny Ramirez over the last couple weeks. Massarotti has a brief note on Ramirez being named the AL Player of the week. Ron Chimelis writes that the Red Sox need to do what it takes to keep Johnny Damon, overpaying him if necessary.

Kelsie Smith also has a piece on super-prospect Hanley Ramirez coming down to visit Fenway and the Red Sox on his off day. David Ortiz played the role of bodyguard to the youngster. Guregian also has a piece on the shortstop making a short stop at Fenway. Borges’ notebook also looks at Ramirez coming down from Portland on his off day to hang out at Fenway. Snow’s notebook has Edgar Renteria expressing a willingness to learn a new position if it becomes necessary to make room for Ramirez. McAdam’s notebook updates us on the status of talks with first round pick Jacoby Ellsbury. Massarotti’s notebook looks at the shoddy defense by the Red Sox. Goldberg’s notebook looks at Aaron Boone’s return to Fenway.

Plenty of NBA Draft articles this morning. Jackie MacMullan asserts that the Celtics have a lot of holes to fill, and they will need to go well beyond this draft to try to fill them. Tim Weisberg says that Danny Ainge has done his best work on draft night, so we should be interested to see what goes down tonight. Mark Murphy looks at options for the Celtics this evening. Kevin McNamara provides draft thumbnails at each position. Mock Drafts are served up by Steve Bulpett, Peter May and Gabe Kahn.

Shira Springer looks at a pair of Europeans who might be of interest to the Celtics. Michael Muldoon also says a foreign player is a possibility, but in addition, he lays out some other possible picks for the Celtics. Brendan McGair looks at Rhode Island native T.J. Sorrentine from the University of Vermont, who hopes to hear his name called at some point tonight. Ken Davis looks at North Carolina’s four top prospects, all of whom are expected to go in the first round. Davis also takes a look at UConn’s Charlie Villanueva and where he might end up.

You can get more coverage of the NBA draft, as well as reports on George Steinbrenner calling his brain trust to Tampa for an emergency session on fixing his Yankees on the New York Sports News page.

Bill Griffith’s Tuesday SportView looks at the draft coverage tonight and also several other media items from the weekend. John Molori’s Media Blitz looks at John Tomase, the Celtics move to WRKO, and Russ Conway. Molori describes Tomase’s piece last week on Ramirez as an “assault”, but applauds him for having the “gumption” to pen the piece. He compares him favorably to Ron Borges, who “has been similarly and, at times, unfairly bashed for criticizing the ultra-popular Patriots.” Great stuff on Conway, though.

Bob Lobel update: The Inside Track has Lobel saying that ADD, not alcohol, causes his on-air mistakes and slurring.

Peter King has a good interview with Ty Law, who says he’s got no bitter feelings towards the Patriots or Bill Belichick, whom he says he has a good relationship with.

NESN has Red Sox/Indians at 7:00. ESPN has NBA Draft coverage starting at 7:00. FSN will break in to programming when the Celtics make their first round selection to provide reaction to the pick.