A few Celtics articles for the afternoon, but first, David Scott saw John Tomase on NECN last night and wasn’t impressed with the performance.

Jon Duke has the final part of the BSMW Full Court Press Draft Preview, where he breaks down the likely candidates for the Celtics first round selection at #18. Mike Fine has a good draft article, looking at what Ainge might be likely to do, which is just about anything. Jim Fenton also has a look at what might be on the Celtics draft board tomorrow night. Fine has a second article looking at the holes needed to be filled on the Celtics roster. Bill Simmons looks at something everyone will be looking for in the draft: TUP.

Rob Bradford has an interesting piece on the Lowell Spinners players having their turn for being tested for steroids. Some intriguing quotes from Spinners manager Luis Alicea:

“Today we had our drug test, but was it supervised? No. I could have easily (urinated) for another guy,” said Lowell manager Luis Alicea, whose club underwent the same test on two occasions last season. “It was no different than last year except last year we had a guy there looking. This year there was nobody looking. I was like, ‘Wow!'”

He also goes on to talk about his time with the Red Sox when Jose Canseco was a teammate of his. He says Canseco talked openly about what he was taking during that time.

This week, Cold Hard Football Facts has decided to preview the NFL Preview Magazines which are starting to appear on newsstands. In the first review, they check out The Sporting News.

Doug Kennedy in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review looks at the new NFL Broadcasting schedule that will go into place in 2006, with NBC taking over the Sunday Night Football game and ESPN the Monday Night Football game. He has the following tidbit, which I’m not sure what to make of:

Another plus for NBC is that no one, including ESPN, will be able to air any NFL highlights until midnight or after on Sunday. “So people will be tuning into NBC for highlights,” said McCarley.

Does this mean local programs, like newscasts and shows such as Sports Final will not be able to show highlights under after midnight? It probably means that NBC will have some sort of highlights show similar to what ESPN current does with “NFL Primetime”.