More Patriots stuff…Mike Reiss has a report from this morning’s session of Minicamp, which still did not include Richard Seymour. Reiss has Rodney Harrison (Who was rumored earlier this offseason to be unhappy with his contract) speaking on the subject and about Seymour. Eric McHugh has a good article on new Patriots linebacker Chad Brown, who like Tedy Bruschi, has shown the ability to make the big play in the past.

Tom King and Glen Farley look at Seymour failing to show up for the camp. McHugh can’t quite figure out what Seymour stands to gain by doing this.

The Red Sox and Cubs are playing in Chicago as I type this. Timothy M. Gay had a good article on USA Today on the two teams meeting for the first time since the 1918 World Series. There’s an interesting tidbit in the sidebar noting that a note uncovered in 1963 hinted that the 1918 Series might’ve been fixed. The Cleveland Plain Dealer has an interview with former Red Sox outfielder Dave Roberts about THE Steal.

Local guy Michael McCann of Harvard Law School will be on HBO’s “Costas Now” show tonight (9:00 PM) to talk about the NBA labor talks. Armen Keteyian interviewed McCann one-on-one to discuss the NBA’s efforts to implement an age floor. He separately interviewed David Stern and Billy Hunter, and HBO will contrast the three viewpoints. McCann was interviewed for two primary reasons: 1) His law review article Illegal Defense: The Irrational Economics of Banning High School Players from the NBA Draft has generated attention among players, agents, and league officials, as it reveals that high school players have done better than any other group in the NBA and that it would be, in his opinion, economically and legally irrational to ban them; and 2) He was a member of Maurice Clarett’s legal team.

McCann also has a local blog that deals with Sports Law and is always an intriguing read.

A few little pieces from around the web:

Former Globe staffer Dave Doyle is out in Seattle, and like everyone else these days, he’s blogging. Today he started to write about Cam Neely being elected to the hall of fame, but instead the piece grew into being about how far the Bruins have fallen in the eyes of the Boston fan. Chad Finn has a look at Peter Gammon’s book “Beyond the Sixth game”. Barstool Sports updates their “Random Thoughts each day, sometimes on sports topics, sometimes not. Don’t you miss Clark Booth? He says the Yankees are always the center of attention in baseball. Yup, as you writing that column just proved, Clark, old bean.