The website describes itself as “the creators of The Hubbub, last year’s extremely popular satire site devoted to all things Boston. We also created the Screw The Curse tee shirt, sometimes called “the Manny shirt”, which was one of the most popular Sox shirts in ‘The Nation’ last season.

“With you’ll see our passion for the Red Sox combined with our continuing effort to give the good people of Boston something to smile about. We’re not bloggers and we’re not going to give you a daily post game summary. We will give you fun cartoons about anything related to the Sox, thoughtful analysis and opinions, not-so-thoughtful analysis and opinions and the coolest Sox shirts East of the Berkshires.”

I found this cartoon amusing. And you thought BSMW was the only one who thought this way.

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WEEI has been wall-to-wall with coverage of the Sheffield incident from last night. I’ve had about enough.

Reiss’ Pieces has a new look and a Q&A with Jarvis Green today. Looks like you can now link to individual articles now, which is a huge plus. The lads at Cold Hard Football Facts have a new edition up, looking at the 2005 schedule and answer some mail.