A few people have emailed about an issue on the ESPN website regarding Peter Gammons. The blog Dodger Thoughts had a post today where they pointed out the similarities between an article in the Los Angeles Times, and a bit in the sidebar of an ESPN column by Gammons. At first glance, it might’ve looked suspicious and with the Ken Powers scandal still fresh in everyone’s mind and the Mitch Albom story from last week still under investigation, people might’ve been quick to jump to conclusions, even with Gammons impeccable credentials. ESPN and Gammons acted quickly in the matter, with the sidebar piece being removed, and Gammons issued a statement explaining what happened in the situation, and apologizing for not crediting the Times in the original piece. It appears very clear that this was just a editing mistake and Gammons should be applauded for his quick action and accountability in this matter. I don’t think the apology was necessary, but it was a class move.