Some more links and observations from yesterday.

David Scott chronicles the events from the ceremonies as well as some of the media coverage in today’s edition of Scott’s Shots.

Mike Fine says that yesterday was landmark day in Red Sox history, but it is time for the team to move on and focus on this year. Bob Stern looks at the party thrown at Fenway yesterday. Rob Bradford says that Johnny Pesky couldn’t hide his emotions during the afternoon. Ray Duckler writes about a Fenway afternoon none of us have ever seen before. Ken Lechtanski looks at the Red Sox capping the terrific afternoon with a convincing win. He also takes a look at an afternoon to remember at Fenway. Fine takes a look at Tim Wakefield’s strong outing. Chaz Scoggins looks at the Lowell Spinners connections in the ceremony. He also writes that from now on, it’s all about 2005 going forward. Eric McHugh says that the Red Sox didn’t leave too many people out this one. McHugh also looks at the ex-Sox who showed up and enjoyed themselves. He has a third article on how Red Sox/Yankees has been turned upside down. Fine also takes a look at Francona’s health, and what his doctors have recommended.

Both Dale Arnold and Glenn Ordway today gave some veiled (and not so veiled) criticism to their station management for how the time during the time that the on-field ceremonies were taking place. While Ordway was on during the first 20 minutes or so between 2:00 and 2:20 and did provide some descriptions of what was taking place on the field, after that point, the station went to the regular pre-game show, which didn’t provide any detail of what was going on down on the field. The station dropped the ball here. It could’ve been much better. I have to agree again with the assessment of how bad the Terry Cashman song was and the timing of it. Ordway and Michael Felger are tearing it apart on the Big Show this afternoon, while Steve Burton insists that he loved it. It’s being joked on the program that Cashman must be a guest on Sports Final this week. I wouldn’t be surprised. They also played a number of his “other songs” from over the years which show that the guy basically does the same song over and over, in different cities, and different names. They played a Celtics one he did while mis-pronouncing Heinsohn.

Glen Farley and Michael Parente take a look at Corey Dillon’s new contract.