A couple years ago, I did a bracket-style tournament of Boston sports media members. That was a very popular feature, though extremely time-consuming on my end. This year, thanks to the help of Greg in putting the ballot together and to Pam, who spent time proofreading the results and comments, we’ve been able to come up with a straightforward poll-style vote for the best and worst in the past year of Boston Sports Media.

Voting was held initially to BSMW members, as sort of a test group. The results of their voting, as well as comments on the results by various BSMW members and readers can be found on the Readers page. Check it out, and decide if you agree or disagree with what was decided and commented on. Please note that some of the fields and categories have changed since the time of the members-only voting. For instance, since there are so many good beat writers in the area, we had to break them out by sport, so that all could be included.

Once you’ve done that, proceed to the Public Voting Page and make your vote count. The voting will be open for one week, then the results will be tallied and reported here.

You can also submit write-in candidates and comments to BSMWawards@bostonsportsmedia.com