I wanted to take a minute to note that Ron Borges has refuted some of the comments that were reported as having been said by him on the Eddie Andelman show yesterday afternoon. A call to WWZN was made to try to obtain a copy of the tape of the show so that that comments could be put here verbatim. The request was turned down, with the comment that they don’t give out those tapes. So it is unclear here what exactly was said. Borges did confirm however, that the part about Charlie Weis being fired was what he said.

Without the tape, it’s hard to know exactly what was said and in what tone. I believe the spirit of the comments to be accurate, despite the fact that they may not be verbatim of what was said by Borges on the program. The comments published were garnered from multiple people, each having a solid record of providing information on situations similar to these.

To avoid this kind of confusion in the future, the policy of BSMW going forward will be that comments from radio and TV shows will not be placed on this page unless I personally hear the exact comments, either live, or on a tape or audio/video file. That way there can be no refuting of what is said. I take pride in posting the truth here, and taking pains to accurately relate what is being said by sports media members.