Scott A Benson breaks down the playoff picture for this week. Michael Felger’s Patriots Insider looks at how the play of the offensive line is going to be critical to the Patriots chances of postseason success. Michael Parente looks ahead to the 49ers this Sunday, in what figures to be little more than an exhibition game. Nick Cafardo files a typical media story on Peyton Manning with all the usual cliches…even without a ring, he’s the best QB…unlike Tom Brady, he has to carry the team all by himself (though I think Marvin Harrison, Edgerrin James, Reggie Wayne, Brandon Stokley, Marcus Pollard and Dallas Clark might have dispute that notion.) …the odds are in his favor that he’s going to beat the Patriots someday. No mention about his prohibitive cap number which prevents the Colts from building a Patriots-style defense to help Peyton, or his propensity to throw big picks in big games. Jonathan Comey wonders why fans on either side would be so eager to see a Patriots/Colts rematch. Alan Greenberg looks at questions around the league heading into the final weekend of the season. Felger’s notebook has Corey Dillon wishing to remain in New England beyond his current contract. Cafardo’s notebook says that Richard Seymour should be ready to go for the Divisional playoffs, and has a look at Ben Coates getting his first head coaching job, with his alma mater Livingstone College.

Shira Springer and Steve Bulpett look at the Celtics getting routed by the Mavericks in Dallas last night. Bulpett writes that the Mavericks don’t appear to be a good fit for the Glove in a possible trade with the Celtics. Springer’s notebook looks at Avery Johnson getting work as an “Apprentice” coach in Dallas. Bulpett’s notebook has Raef LaFrentz stewing over some remarks by Don Nelson regarding his stay in Dallas.

Michael Gee has the second part in the Herald series looking at the Patriots and Red Sox championship seasons. He looks at one thing both teams have in common, a youthful general manager. Bob Ryan gives us a glimpse of what sports would be like if HE ran things.

Along those lines, if I ran things in sports media in Boston, here’s some things you’d see:

  • Someone who likes football covering the Patriots for the Globe. Bring on Mike Reiss, Tom Curran, or Eric McHugh. Just a short list there.
  • WEEI and the Globe make up. Put Ron Borges on the Big Show. Let a much more vast audience hear his daily descent into madness. Yesterday on WWZN, Borges continued his hints that he has evidence that Bill Belichick is despicable human being by making the statement that if he owned a team, he would not hire Bill Belichick if he was the last coach available. If it came to that, and Belichick was the only coach left on the planet, Ron would sell the team rather than hire Belichick. Yet he continues to claim it’s not personal, and that he is an objective reporter.
  • The Big Show would also feature Bob Ryan, Jackie MacMullan, Gordon Edes, Alan Greenberg, Tom Curran, Michael Smith even Dan Shaughnessy in addition to Tony Massarotti, Michael Felger, Sean McAdam. Gone or relegated to weekend duty would be Bill Burt, Larry Johnson, Fred Smerlas, Steve DeOssie, Butch Stearns and Steve Burton, among others.
  • Let Nick Cafardo cover a sport and team he enjoys. The Red Sox. If travel is too much, work something out.
  • John Dennis – gone. Bring someone in who is going to actually watch sports, and also bring a counter view to Gerry Callahan’s politics. Have some balance on that show.
  • Ryen Russillo and Dave Jageler get larger roles in the media landscape here. They might be the only talents worth salvaging on WWZN.
  • The Touchdown Twins on Dale & Neumy need to be put out to pasture. Replace them with Mike Reiss and Eric McHugh.
  • WEEI streaming on the Internet, and the Big Show simulcast on NESN, similar to what WFAN does with the YES Network.
  • Celtics radio broadcasts get on a better signal and broader network.

That’s just to get started.

This may be the last day of regular links this week. I’m going to be moving over the course of the next few days and internet access could be spotty at times. I will try to get a couple editions of BSMW Classic re-posted during this time.