The BSMW Classic entry for today is a much-requested one…the list of Eddie Andelman-isms, compiled over the years. The list was started by Kevin Peters Steve Brown and is a few years old, so there have been many more missed since the last update. If you have additions to the list, feel free to send them in and they’ll be added…

“What Happened To Mary?” = “There’s Something About Mary”
“Something Happened To Mary” = “There’s Something About Mary”
“It’s A Wonderful Life”- “Life Is Beautiful”
“Rocky Mountain Picture Show” = “Rocky Horror Picture Show”
“Finding Private Ryan”- “Saving Private Ryan”
“Blazing Inferno” – “Towering Inferno”
“The Fish That Swallowed Wanda” – “A Fish Called Wanda”
“The Perfect Wave” – “The Perfect Storm”

“So You Want To Be A Millionaire” – “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”
“Haiwain Five-0” – “Hawaii Five-0”
“Everybody Loves Lucy” = “I Love Lucy”
“I Love Raymond” = “Everybody Loves Raymond”
“Funniest Moments of Your Life” = “America’s Funniest Home Videos”

Brontosaurus Rex = Tyrannosaurus Rex

America’s Cup – Ryder Cup
America’s Cup = World Cup
Ryder’s Cup – Ryder Cup
AL East = AFC East
MSL = MLS (soccer)
Strep Throat-Staph Infection
Rotar Cuff- Rotator Cuff
White Sox Park = Comisky Park
Budweiser Stadium = Schaeffer Stadium
The dead guy’s son = Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Lincoln Downs = Lincoln Park
Nick’s Comedy Store – Nick’s Comedy Shop
Riverboat = Riverdance
Father-Son Binding- Father-Son Bonding
Tampa Bay Devils = Tampa Bay Devil Rays
WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) = World Wildfire Federation.
Gracie Mansion = Graceland
Colonial Guest Jeep Line = Colonial Jeep Guest Line
Fuckruckers = Fuddruckers

Don’t Just Say No = Just Say No
Rain Drops Keep Dropping On My Head=Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head
Child Protege – Child Prodigy
“Wag the Tail” = “Wag the Dog”
Anthony’s eyes looked like two cyclops.
Blizzard of ’76 = Blizzard of ’78

Stewart Payne = Payne Stewart
Donna Lewis-Harris = Donna Harris-Lewis

Anna Nicole Kidman = Anna Nicole Smith
Van Diesel = Vin Diesel
Miami Marlins= Florida Marlins
Robert Walker-Robert Edwards
Joe Klecko-Ryan Klesko
Ryan Klecko-Ryan Klesko
JD White-JD Drew
Daddy Puff- Puff Daddy
Walter MaCartney = Walter McCarty
Matt Keough = Matt Young
Deion Jones = Deion Sanders
Ricky Walker = Ricky Williams
Brian Defoe- Byron Defoe
Darrell Lewis- Darren Lewis
Nancy Kwan= Michelle Kwan
Bob Jeter = Derek Jeter
Christian Peters = Christian Peter
Wayne Bellows=Brian Bellows
Jamal Mashburn-Jamal Washburn
Michael Irving=Michael Irvin
Ken Brett=George Brett
Kevin Canty = Chris Canty
Andy Katzenburg = Andy Katzenmoyer
Andy Katzenmeyer = Andy Katzenmoyer
Bobby Hull – Brett Hull
PJ Axelrod = PJ Axelson
Chuck Schilling = Curt Schilling
Master Rap= Master P.
Derrick Collins = Derrick Cullors
Murray McDermott – Mickey McDermott
Ramon Hernandez – Ramon Martinez
Jimmy Jones = Jimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson = Jimy Williams
Pat Shanahan = Mike Shanahan
Brett Starr = Brett Farve
Mickey Stanley = Mike Stanley
Sam Cunningham – Sam Gash
St. Louis Cardinals – St. Louis Rams
Archie Griffin = Archie Manning
Rebecca MacIntyre = Reba MacIyntire
Richard Bishop – Michael Bishop
Smash Pupmkins – Smashing Pumpkins
Troy O’Leary – Troy Brown
Chad Everett – Carl Everett
The Fabulous Babe- The Fabulous Sports Babe
Jim Baker = Tom Baker
Jose Posada = Jorge Posada
Kobie Brown = Kobie Bryant
Peter Gonzalez – Peter Gelzinis
JR Richards – JR Richard
Kevin Rose = Brian Rose
El Whoppo = El Guapo
Paul Ankiel = Rick Ankiel
Boomer Esiasson – Chris Berman
Tom Goodwin – Tom Gordon
LaMont Harris – Raymont Harris
Tiger Jones – Tiger Woods
Eric Dickenson – Eric Dickerson
Carl Lewis – Carl Everett
Dave Hampton- Mike Hampton
Mark Singleton – Mike Singleton
Terri Brown – Troy Brown
Jimmy Rodgers – Jim O’Brien
Evandy Holyfield = Evander Holyfield
todd mccullough = Claude mccullough
Shawn Hillenbrand- Shea Hillenbrand
Art Howe – Steve Howe
Michael Jordan – Michael Jackson

Romeo Cornell = Romeo Crennel
Andy Katzenmeyer = Andy Katzenmoyer
Vassily Potapenko= Vitaly Potapenko
Vitaly Pompitino= Vitaly Potapenko
Toni Kocut = Toni Kukoc
Micheal Barcum = Micheal Barcam
Hideki Irabo= Hideki Irabu
Walter Playton= Walter Payton
Vern Lingquist = Vern Lundquist
Dimitri Kristov = Dimitri Khristich
John Belluci = John Belushi
Rudolph Guiliano = Rudolph Guiliani
Manny Ramanez – Manny Ramirez
Jerry Trupiani = Jerry Trupiano
Juan Gonzavez = Juan Gonzalez
Raymond Martinez = Ramon Martinez
Rico Broggna = Rico Brogna
Dan Foust = Dan Fouts
Wayne Chrabeck = Wayne Chrebet
Benny Agabayani – Benny Agbayani
El Dookie = El Duque
Fred Cuestick = Fred Cusiak
Dave Daggler =Dave Jageler