With all the Patriots talk on the airwaves today, I was pretty surprised at the amount of feedback I’ve gotten regarding the Glenn Ordway “I’m not the GM” item from this morning. Here’s a sampling of the reaction:


I couldn't agree more on Ordway toe'ing both sides of the line, as usual, and covering his fat behind (with regard to the Sox). and his response "I'm not the GM" is pathetic, particularly for a know-it-all who is always patronizing his callers. what gets me the most is when he thinks he knows more about baseball than McAdam, Buckley, or Tony Maz; same deal with football, talking over Deossie and Smerlas.

granted Sheppard, LJ and others are donkeys and they make Ordway look great...but when he's talking to someone, and actually lets them talk, and they're educated, he can get buried. it must be the short, fat man complex. thanks for ripping him openly.


Thanks Bob, it is amazing that someone who clearly pretends to be an expert on all things Boston sports suddenly clams up when asked for a real answer. Next up:

I thought you covered Sports Media? When did EEI talk shows become sports shows? Don't they really belong more in a category with the Herald's gossip page? If the talk knuckleheads on that station know anything about what's really going on in sports in Boston or the US in general, they are being paid pretty well to disguise it.

Unfortunately, many of their listeners are under the impression they're listening to a sports station staffed by informed professionals ... maybe because they seem to get the good interviews. Other than that, they're pretty much Howard Stern.
Keep the Faith:

Jeff – totally my mistake. What was I thinking? Expecting intelligent sports talk from the “sports radio leader”. I’ve learned my lesson here. Ok, who’s next?

Bruce you are right on. I wanted to call in yesterday was busy.

Ordway during the FA period was touting the "Patriot" Philosophy and how this team, had a value for every player and wouldn't overpay and that Epstein had a B & C. Then when he says the B&C he criticizes. Sorry Glenn, either you applaud what they do and accept the end result, you can't say they are smart and then criticize the outcome.

My take, Theo gambled that the big 4 would have career years, knowing he had break this team up somewhat win or lose. Turned out 3 of the 4 had their worst seasons and one (Varitek) had is normal season. So then you are left with the consequence of that decision. Also, Bruce most people in this town only know pro sports, they don't follow college sports or minor league baseball. The Sox, are going to use this year to let their big 3 (Lester, Papelbon & Ramirez) develop at Portland. They should stay in the wildcard through July and then they can put together a package for a star pitcher or they will hold onto those guys if they don't think they can beat the Yanks and take their chances next year.


More good points. Glenn was indeed praising Epstein and the Red Sox for following the “Patriot model” and then yesterday went 180 degrees and trashed them. All in the name of ratings points. Gotta stir up the masses and whip the listeners into a frenzy. Toss around the buzzwords of “failed” whenever possible. The next email is a bit shorter:

Bruce -

In the history of talk radio, in the history of Debate 101, never have I heard such a disgraceful comeback as Ordway's "I'm not the GM."

Thanks for pointing it out today.

For fans, debating sports is a sport unto itself, nothing more than a pastime; there's no room for people who say, "Put up your dukes," only to backpedal when their counterpart obliges.

Take care - Mike

It was pretty pathetic, wasn’t it? After spouting on about all the mistakes made and how it’s a failure of an offseason, when asked what HE would do, all he can muster is “I’m not the GM”? Pathetic. Our next email ties in Ordway’s comments with some others on the airwaves last night (I didn’t see this show, so I can’t verify). If true, it shows the gotta-be-controversal mindset of many of the media members. Eric writes:

Bruce, that's excellent commentary on the Ordway trainwreck yesterday afternoon. I listened for about 10 minutes and then realized why I haven't tuned in to The Big Show on a consistent basis in about a year. We're less than two months removed from a Red Sox World Series victory, the team is arguably better or at least just as good as last year, yet some fans and media members are right back to their "Woe is me, the Red Sox are doomed, the Yankees are unbeatable" mantra. It's embarrasing. Guess the World Series victory hasn't changed much of anything.

Speaking of trainwrecks, did you happen to catch Bob Rogers on Fox Sports Net New England last night? He was trying so hard to desperately say "edgy" things,
but came off looking like a total moron. Among his highlights:

- David Wells will be a complete bust with Boston, with no real basis to back up that opinion

- He mentioned over and over again how he wonders why Steinbrenner doesn't get involved in signing Varitek, failing to mention what the Yankees would do with Posada

- He also had a few other real dumb comments, but the higlight was that he mentioned that Billy Beane traded Mulder and Hudson because "He was sick of hearing how he was nothing as a General Manager without The Big Three." After that comment, John Tomase let it slide for a minute but then shot that stupid comment down.

Rogers must be saying to himself, "Hey, these dumb comments work for Ordway and Co. Maybe I'll give them a try!"

Anyway, keep up the good work.

Our final email of the afternoon reminds us that there is another option for those out there who can actually get it on their radio or computer:

I check out your site everyday and I enjoy your content. I just have one issue, you give us links to just about every newspaper in the country that writes something about any of our teams, but you only talk about one radio station. I realize you can only listen to one live radio station at a time, but you attacked Glen Ordway, and rightfully so, yet never mentioned 1510 The Zone. I know the station is small, but their afternoon drive show is as informative and normally better than Ordway and his cast of morons. You could have been listening to the Diehards interview with Terry Francona on Friday or quality Red Sox, Patriot and a little Celtic talk on Monday.

Just do not forget the little guy on the other end of the dial. They have quality shows as well.

Thanks. Keep up the good work.


I actually tried to turn over to 1510 during this segment, but I couldn’t get them in up here in NH. It’s a common problem for many fans looking for some other than WEEI. One option if you’re somewhat close to Nashua is ESPN 900, which has a local sports show weekdays between 5-6.

That’s the highlights from today’s email bag.