A few media quick hits before getting into the links:

OK…I’m trying to reconcile something here. How can Dennis and Callahan be our moral guardians of the gate, expressing outrage over the Monday Night Football opener, and pressing their values on us at every turn, and still have “Mr Skin” as a regular guest and fawn over him while he’s on the program? Not that I’m really complaining, mind you, I’m just trying to determine if there is hypocrisy going on here, or if these two concepts can really be reconciled…

In another note, I’ve gotten some more information regarding the exit of Kevin Winter from 1510 following the Dakota in the Morning fiasco as outlined in John Molori’s piece yesterday. Winter was not fired, yet he is no longer working at the station, either. He was let go after the show was canceled, simple as that. There was no suspension or firing because of his role or conduct on the show.

According to the Inside Track, it looks like Bob Lobel is having a bit of a rough go of it in his personal life lately. Darn the success of the local sports teams, with two championships in 2004, those sports guys are forced to work long grueling hours and don’t have any time to properly attend to their families and rest or recover. (sarcasm intended) I like Lobel personally and hope he’s able to straighten his situation out and get himself back on track. (and out of the Track) C’mon, Bob pull yourself together. This is sports. (On a side note, can you imagine if this was an athlete that got into this situation…the media would be all over him…)

David Scott files a timely edition of Scott Shots, looking at the Globe and Red Sox (aren’t they sort of one and the same now?) hiring and firing practices. Hey Dave, don’t you know, that’s just the way they do things down there… Kevin Paul Dupont has more from Sean McDonough regarding his outster from Red Sox TV broadcasts.

Yes, I stayed up for that entire Celtics game last night. I know…I know…save the wisecracks. Shira Springer and Steve Bulpett report on another late game collapse for the Green, who lost on a 25 foot heave at the buzzer by Shareef Abdur-Rahim. The Celtics Full Court Press looks at the job done so far by Doc Rivers in the early part of the season. Bulpett’s notebook has Danny Ainge coming to the defense of Paul Pierce.

Michael Silverman says that Pedro Martinez’s future with the Red Sox may well be decided in the next few days, following the team’s latest revised offer to the right hander. Gordon Edes and Tony Massarotti look at the Red Sox position and needs going into the Winter Meetings. Art Martone says that once Pedro and Jason Varitek decide if they’re coming back to the Sox or not, the rest of the offseason will likely fall in place quickly. Gerry Callahan (subscription only) continues his in print assertion that the Red Sox need to get a deal done with Pedro. He calls him a “primma donna pitcher” and he and his on-air cohorts continue to take shots at Pedro at any opportunity, but Gerry still wants him on the Red Sox. Dom Amore has a look at the Winter meetings as well. Jeff Horrigan also takes a look at the Red Sox objectives heading into this weekend.

Charlie Weis is getting (or already has had) his head coaching interview. According to the Globe, Notre Dame will talk to the Patriots offensive coordinator either today or tomorrow. Nick Cafardo and Mark Blaudschun report the story, But Notre Dame alum Jim Donaldson reports that ND has already talked to Weis earlier this week. He weighs in on whether Weis would be a good choice for the position. Michael Smith endorses Weis on ESPN.com. Mike Reiss has the story for the MetroWest, and it is the subject of Michael Felger’s notebook, who reports that if Weis gets the job, he could leave the team before the end of the season, possibly leaving the Patriots in a bind.

Frank Dell’Apa looks at the Bengal offense. Chris Kennedy says the Patriots are out for revenge on Sunday. Alan Greenberg and Michael Parente hit the “Corey Dillon facing his old teammates” angle, which I don’t think has been covered this week yet. Michael Felger and Ian M Clark have articles on Ted Johnson, and his strong play this season. Michael Gee (subscription only) shows signs of being a media person who “gets it” in reference to Bill Belichick. He says:

Belichick has a reputation for being close-mouthed. That's a very narrow view. The coach doesn't like to get into specifics and won't ever speculate.

But Belichick will discuss football theory, method, and process at length, taking pains to omit professional jargon. Belichick is truly pleased when laypersons get his point.

Belichick lets one see how his football mind works. That's real candor. What's more revealing than a person's first principles?

That’s quite contrast to the media types who complain about how “boring” Belichick’s press conferences are, and how he “drones” on. Gee gets a BSMW point for this bit. Tom E Curran looks at the season for Tom Brady and whether he really is in any sort of “slump”. Dell’Apa’s notebook looks at the Patriots rushing attack. Curran’s notebook looks at the Bengals top receiving duo. Parente’s notebook has the Patriots hoping for a little help from the Jets this Sunday.

Jim Baker isn’t amused by HBO’s regurgitated “Curse” program.