Before we begin the links today, a little business to attend to. Apparently there was a mistake in this space yesterday. I’ll leave it to Ken Powers of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette to point it out to you:

-----Original Message-----
From: Ken Powers
Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 2004 11:07 PM
Cc:; Nick Cafardo; Ken Powers; Ken Powers
Subject: Your Error in Reporting

Bruce --

it was brought to my attention that you posted today (Tuesday, 11/23) that Ron Borges, on the WBCN pregame show, called Rodney Harrison the Ron Artest of the NFL. I went to your site adn read it to find out that this is true, it's there on your site.

You're wrong Bruce. Completely wrong. Ron did not say that. I said it. I brought it up, we were talking about Tony Gonzalez and Rodney Harrison and their battles and I just threw it out there. I said it, and meant it, as a joke. I think it missed it's mark based on the reaction it received, but it was meant as a joke. In hindsight I shouldn't have said it. In hindsight it was a dumb thing to do.

The biger picture here, however, is that Ron Borges didn't say it. I said it. You got that wrong Bruce, completely wrong. And you owe Ron Borges an apology. In your column. In a prominent place. In, roughly, the same place you put the remark that he said it.

The funniest thing of all is that Ron predicted this would appear in your column in EXACTLTY the manner that it did. On the air, just minutes after I said it, he predicted this would get out, and get out wrong. Get out attributed to him. I find it amazing that he was so right about that.

A lot of people like to give Ron crap about his opinions and his style and the problem is, while they're doing that, they don't see the forest for the trees. He's one of the best football writers in the country, let alone Boston, and so many people just want to bad mouth him and dog him about everything he says, or in this case, doesn't say. It's a shame. He'll be gone before we know it and we'll be wondering what ever happened to the hard-nosed, tough journalists like Ron Borges.

I'll be watching for that apology Bruce,

Ken Powers
Worcester Telegram & Gazette

I’m not sure if Powers’ motivation here is to defend the honor of Borges, or to make sure he’s getting proper attribution for the asinine comment on the WBCN pregame. Whichever it is, this email did get under my skin a little bit, and not because I was wrong. I’ve been wrong plenty of times, and I’ve said so. Here’s my reply to Powers:


I'll be glad to issue a correction. That's no problem, see unlike yourself and many of your distinguished colleagues, I have no problem saying when I was wrong.

An apology though? You have got to be kidding me.

Yeah, You and Ron issue "apologies" when you get your facts wrong. What a joke. You have your paper issue a "retraction" usually on some hidden page where no one is going to see it. An apology? Right. It's usually more like "The Telegram-Gazette" Or "Globe" "Regrets the error". I'll do the same. Nothing more.

I put one sentence on the page which says: "During the WBCN pregame last night, Borges called Rodney Harrison the Ron Artest of the NFL." That's hardly inflammatory or insulting. Your misplaced indignance here is laughable. Your email is the very definition of "thin skinned". You football writers are so tough in your columns and on the air, free to take personal shots at whomever you please and get your facts mixed up often, and yet when someone says something about you on a tiny little website you get your panties all up in a bunch. This is so petty I can't even believe it.

Since you were nice enough to include Ron and Nick on this email, I'll be sure to include them on this reply. I'll also give you the courtesy of having your entire letter printed on the website. All will see how wrong I was and how you put me in my place. Oh yeah, I will include this reply with it, as well.


Bruce Allen

Was I harsh? Yeah probably. It may not have been necessary, but stuff like this annoys me. No problem for these guys to say all sorts of outlandish things in the paper and especially on the airwaves. Someone says something about them, and they go off.

The bottom line is I was wrong. Simple as that. I got bad information, much like Parcells got when he signed Marcellus Wiley. If I was going to go the newspaper route I could come up with some little statement like:

Due to a reporting error, Ron Borges was mistakenly identified as comparing Rodney Harrison to Ron Artest on the WBCN pregame show Monday night. It was actually Ken Powers who made the statement. BSMW regrets the error.

I got another email from Ken this morning, which was basically saying “No, YOU’RE being thin skinned…” whah whah whah. Whatever. His outrage over one simple line is hilarious to me.

Doc Rivers was right…his Celtics ran into a buzzsaw in the undermanned Pacers last night in Indiana, falling 106-96. Rivers had warned in a Steve Bulpett article yesterday that his team needed to not take the depleted Pacers lightly, as they were likely to be fired up and ready to play. They were. Mark Murphy and Shira Springer provide the game stories from Conseco Fieldhouse. The BSMW Full Court Press also weighs in on the action. Murphy’s notebook has Paul Pierce saying that Ron Artest’s suspension is perhaps a bit too harsh. Springer’s notebook has Tom Gugliotta headed to the injured list and rookie forward Justin Reed taking his place on the active roster.

With the Monday night game, the Patriots report cards were pushed back a day. Kevin Mannix believes that this Patriots team is once again on it’s way to doing something special. His grades are perhaps a little tough in areas, but overall I’d say he’s pretty fair about it. Michael Parente is much more generous in his grading of the team, always interesting to get two perspectives on the same areas. Alan Greenberg looks at how the Patriots managed to overcome some mistakes with critical stops when needed. Nick Cafardo looks at how important it was for the Patriots that they stopped the running game of Kansas City on Monday night. Chris Kennedy notes the play of the defensive line. Tom E Curran looks at the struggles of the secondary against the Chiefs.

The Patriots are now 26-3 since the start of last season, and Mike Reiss provides 26 reasons for the team’s success. Jackie MacMullan looks at how huge the addition of Corey Dillon is to this Patriots squad. Karen Guregian says the Patriots already need to be thinking about securing home field advantage for the playoffs. Steve Buckley (subscription only) notes that the Patriots are finally getting the national respect that their fans have craved. He’s not sure if this is a good thing or not, because by giving them to the world, they’re no longer “our own little football wanderers from down Route 1 way.” Ian M Clark looks at the return of Deion Branch on Monday. George Kimball (subscription only) has Trent Green and Tony Gonzalez still fuming over a non-call in the end zone that led to the Rodney Harrison interception just before the half.

Mike Reiss’ blog entry has thumbnail profiles of each of the Patriots coaches. This is the type of interesting and useful information I’m looking for from the media that covers the team. I’m not interested in ones who complain about the injury report, or that Bill Belichick is boring in his press conferences. These ones are more interested in being “edgy”, “hard nosed” and “tough”, drawing attention to themselves rather than to what they’re supposed to cover. Get me good, fresh, original information instead. Michael Parente says the Patriots may miss out on another top running back this weekend as Jamal Lewis could miss the game for the Ravens. Jonathan Comey’s NFL Power Rankings still has the Patriots on top of the heap, and takes a look at the numbers being put up by Peyton Manning. Cafardo’s notebook looks at the Patriots confidence in the passing game.

Shortstop is the topic when it comes to the Red Sox this morning. Bob Hohler reports that the Sox have not shown any interest in re-signing Orlando Cabrera, at least not to him or his agent. Michael Silverman says there are other options out there at the position. Silverman also notes that Nomar is no longer the class of the available players at the position. Silverman has a third article looking at the Mets expressing interest in Pedro Martinez.

Ron Borges’ boxing notes looks at Oscar De La Hoya and Bernard Hopkins joining forces, trying to form a promotional company that will challenge the stranglehold that people like Don King have had on the sport.

FSN has Celtics/Sixers at 7:00. ESPN has Pistons/Cavs at 7:00 and Iowa/North Carolina college hoops at 9:30. ESPN2 has a college hoops triple header starting at 7:00.