The Patriots once again overcame their depleted secondary against a high-powered offense and won in Kansas City for the first time in 40 years last night. Nick Cafardo looks at an extremely satisfying win for the Patriots who move to 9-1 on the season. Michael Felger writes that we shouldn’t be surprised that the Patriots once again went into a hostile environment and found a way to come out on top. Tom E Curran looks at the Patriots taking advantage of Kansas City mistakes and weathering the offensive storm of the Chiefs. Michael Parente says that the best defense for the Patriots last night was a time consuming offense. Chris Kennedy also has the game story from Arrowhead Stadium. Alan Greenberg looks at the return of Deion Branch as a key factor in this victory for the Patriots. Scott A Benson breaks down the game in this week’s edition of Patriots Rear View.

Ron Borges has a further look at the return of Deion Branch, who was on the field for the first time since week two, and had over a 100 yards receiving and a slick move on a catch for a touchdown. During the WBCN pregame last night, Borges called Rodney Harrison the Ron Artest of the NFL. Kevin Mannix says we should admire this battered Patriots team which continues to overachieve and get the job done. Jackie MacMullan looks at the Patriots continuing their mantra of “grab a victory, and get back home”. Steve Buckley (subscription only) looks at Tom Brady who continues to throw the right passes and say the right things. Buck is impressed that Brady said “Hi Mom” last night in addition to crediting the total team effort. Michael Gee (subscription only) looks at the Patriots behind Rodney Harrison once again overcoming injuries in the secondary to win the game. George Kimball (subscription only) has a piece on Deion Branch coming back from injury to pick right up where he left off. Here’s hoping the Herald can find another sponsor for their columnists as they did during the baseball playoffs, as these subscription only columns don’t always exactly qualify as “premium content”. Not a knock against the columns today, but they’re just general game story columns, not “must read” opinions of influential writers that are going to cause the casual reader to pony up for a subscription. Just suckers like me, I guess.

With his budget slashed and department short staffed, Globe sports editor Joe Sullivan takes a turn at writing, turning in a pair of articles. First he looks at Ty Warren, who had a huge game last night. Warren as you recall is the player the Patriots ended up with after getting the pick from Buffalo in exchange for Drew Bledsoe. Moreover, one of Sullivan’s underlings (*cough*BORGES*cough*) suggested at the draft this spring that second round pick Marquise Hill was drafted because Warren was a bust. Sullivan perhaps has that in mind when he says Warren isn’t a star yet, and first round picks are expected to be stars. Rich Thompson has a piece on Corey Dillon, who had 98 yards and two touchdowns, but was killing himself over a fourth quarter fumble that allowed the Chiefs to take over and drive 97 yards for a score that brought them to within five. Tom E Curran says Adam Vinatieri should be a Hall of Fame shoo-in. Marcus R. Fuller looks at the Patriots stopping the Kansas City running game. Thompson also writes that KC’s 3-6 record coming in was a bit deceptive. Sullivan’s second article is a look at Arrowhead Stadium.

Mike Reiss files a number of items in his blog from last night. Felger’s notebook suggests that we might’ve seen the last of Earthwind Moreland in a Patriots uniform. Cafardo’s notebook looks at Dillon’s remorse over his fumble, has quotes from Moreland (prior to the game, obviously) and another suggestion that Scott Pioli could be a candidate to build a team elsewhere. The remaining notebooks lead with Deion Branch. Curran’s notebook looks at Branch’s impact last night. Kennedy’s notebook looks at the importance of Branch getting back on the field. Parente’s notebook looks at Branch’s return, a minor roster move prior to the game, and more on Pioli.

Sean McAdam writes that it appears that Pedro Martinez doesn’t grasp the concept that the Red Sox are not going to get into a bidding war with the Yankees over his services, nor do they need to. Dom Amore says the Yankees have made no formal offer to Pedro. Tony Massarotti reports that the Red Sox have offered a four year deal to Jason Varitek. David Heuschkel says that his Red Sox teammates desperately want Varitek back in the fold. Gordon Edes looks at the Red Sox continuing a Thanksgiving Week tradition of raising ticket prices.

Andrea Estes reports on the Red Sox plans for the latest Fenway Park facelift, to be revealed at 11:00 this morning. Tony Massarotti looks at the Red Sox situation at second base, he also looks at the possibility of Jeff Kent as an option at that position. James Murphy has a look at the Red Sox World Series DVD. Nick Cafardo looks at the relationship between John Henry and Robert Kraft. Bob Hohler’s Red Sox notebook looks at Gabe Kapler heading to Japan. Massarotti’s notebook also looks at Kapler. The ProJo notebook has more on Kapler and looks at organizational moves by the Sox. David Borges’ notebook has the news on Kapler and a number of other items.

Friday night’s NBA brawl is still on the mind of people. Bill Reynolds says it is evidence of the growing disconnect between NBA fans and players. Gerry Callahan (subscription only) writes that he was once hit with a paper cup filled with pennies and crumpled up at a game, and HE didn’t go charging into the stands. He says rule number one for any athlete should be to never go into the stands. Only bad things can happen. Because of that Artest’s actions are inexcusable. Bob Halloran says cowardice was the cause of the Friday night fights. Joan Vennochi ventures over from the Globe business and political side to weigh in on this matter. The Globe also has an Editorial on the subject. Jon Couture just wants to get back to sports. Enough of towels and brawls. He also takes ESPN’s Sunday Night football telecast to task for incompetence.

Steve Bulpett says that the Celtics need to be very cautious going into Indiana tonight, as they could be facing a wounded tiger in the form of the shorthanded Pacers. Bulpett’s notebook has Doc Rivers and Gary Payton commenting on the fight and the factors and reasons for it.

Bill Griffith looks at Fox’s new deal for the College Football BCS games. He also has a number of other media related notes.

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FSN has Celtics/Pacers at 7:00. ESPN has a college hoops doubleheader starting at 7:00 with Texas/Iowa, followed by North Carolina/Tennessee at 9:00. ESPN2 has college football with Bowling Green/Toledo at 7:00, followed by college hoops with St. Joe’s/Kansas at 10:00.