Some more extensive afternoon links following the Patriots win over the Bills last night. We remain about $1700 short of the goal for the BSMW Fall Fund Drive. If you’re able to help out and assist in reaching the goal you’ll get a chance to win some great prizes and know that you contributed to keeping the site running.

Tom King says it was a night to remember at Gillette Stadium, both for the game and what happened just prior to kickoff. Eric McHugh says that compared to the trickery of last week, the game last night was just your normal, routine run-of-the-mill domination. Chris Kennedy says last night just boiled down to the fact that the Patriots are “way better” than the Bills. Mike Lowe looks at a great display of teamwork by the Patriots last night. In his game story, David Pevear says that last night’s pregame ceremonies just showed that football is #2 in the hearts of New England sports fans. Glen Farley looks at the Patriots handing the Bills a major setback in their planned resurgence. Hector Longo also has a look at the Patriots win, curiously absent in his game story is any mention of the Troy Brown interception. Longo, as you recall, labeled the Troy Brown at cornerback experiment a mockery to the NFL and the Patriots fans.

Steve Solloway says you can only feel pity for Drew Bledsoe at this point. Jim Fenton looks at another horrific night on Route One for Bledsoe. Ron Hobson says Bill Belichick was exposed as a liar once again last night. He hyped the Bills and they turned out to be dreadful. Eric Wilbur has thoughts on championships, Bledsoe and the NFL. Lowe’s notebook looks at the World Series trophy hitting Gillette. Kennedy’s notebook also looks at the cheers for the Sox. King’s notebook says that the Patriots coaches are happy with Rohan Davey as the backup QB.

A couple notes from BSMW favorites Borges and Cafardo, Nick in his notebook this morning stated that Asante “Samuel wasn’t on the injury report”. In reality, he was listed all three days last week as “probable”. As for Borges, if the guy wasn’t so belligerent and adamant about his views it might be different, but these quotes from a mere three years ago (Globe – 11/22/2001) just jump at you in view of his column this morning.

Maybe Bledsoe fails miserably and fades into the night, although I doubt it. He's much more likely to fade the way Curtis Martin faded when he went to the Jets and Roger Clemens did when he left Boston in "the twilight of his career."

Maybe he goes to play in Tampa if Bill Parcells takes over the Buccaneers, as is being rumored, or for Brian Billick in Baltimore. In either place, the bet here is he would light the football world on fire again for another half-dozen years or so.

I think the only thing Drew lit on fire last night was possibly himself, after the game. From that same article:

So now Belichick has hitched his future to Tom Brady. The remaining games are his to win or lose, barring injury or waffling from the coach. How those games go, and where Drew Bledsoe goes, will decide a lot of things for the New England Patriots.

They'll also decide one thing for Bill Belichick. Whether the future is now or nonexistent for him, because there's no turning back. Some people learn from their mistakes. Others are doomed to repeat them.

If you wonder which is Bill Belichick, go ask people in Cleveland if they've ever heard the story of the guy who benched Bernie Kosar for Todd Philcox?

I don’t think that even needs any comment. Wow. We wonder why Ron has been so bitter the last few years? He’s been made to look like an absolute fool the last few years. It’s only a matter of time before he reaches Clark Booth status. (See Friday’s afternoon post on this site.)

There’s been a good deal of talk today about Rodney Harrison’s below the waist hit on Bledsoe, which upended the 6’5″ quarterback. Bill Belichick addressed the topic this morning, and Mike Reiss has a recap of it in his blog entry, as well as seven other topics discussed by the coach in his press conference.

Peter King and Len Pasquarelli file their usual Monday columns looking back at the action from Sunday.

Out in western NY, Mark Gaughan and Sal Maiorana report on the Bills Foxboro flop. Allen Wilson looks at the Patriots picking on Bledsoe once again. Jerry Sullivan says this type of result is becoming too familiar for the Bills, who have played four Sunday night games in the Tom Donahoe era and have been outscored 119-18. Leo Roth has a Bills report card from last night.