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The Patriots absolutely crushed the Bills last night at Gillette, and the 29-6 score does not even begin to show just how much of a domination this one was. If Mike Mularkey and the Bills had any sort of “opportunity” last night, it quickly went by the boards as Drew Bledsoe and the Bills folded quicker than a Wal*Mart camping tent. Michael Parente says that Belichick and the Patriots are not simply in Drew Bledsoe’s head. They’re his nightmares. Alan Greenberg works his game story around Troy Brown’s interception of Bledsoe, and no, I don’t think Drew was confused at seeing Brown out there and thought he was still on his team, a silly theory floated out on a couple of media airwaves even before the game. Nick Cafardo says that that the way Bill Belichick was hyping up the Bills before this one, you’d have thunk this one was actually going to be a game. It was a lot more than just Belichick touting the Bills before this one, folks. Michael Felger notes that some of the Patriots might’ve felt for Drew after the game, but on the field they do all they can to beat him. Tom E Curran also leads with Brown’s interception, and then goes into looking at the running dominance of the Patriots. Mike Reiss looks at the second quarter as the time that the Patriots really put away the Bills. Also be sure to check out the BSMW Patriots Rear View by Scott A Benson for a look at last night’s contest.

Ron Borges has an obituary on the career of Drew Bledsoe, comparing him several times to Evander Holyfield. The flaw in that analogy of course, is that Holyfield actually won a number of times in his career. Oh yeah, that Minnesota game 10 YEARS AGO was great, thanks for reminding us once again. It’s sad that a game from that long ago is still used to defend Drew. Borges makes sure to tell us what a great man Bledsoe is, but I don’t think anyone has ever questioned that part of Drew. We all admire him as a person. His football career however, appears over. Jim Donaldson also looks at the end coming near for Bledsoe, as JP Losman will likely take over as soon as he is healthy enough to do so. Mike Reiss agrees that it is only a matter of time before Drew hits the bench. Jim McCabe, Paul Kenyon and Rich Thompson each have a look at Troy Brown’s interception of Bledsoe, which ironically enough could’ve been the final nail in the coffin for the career of the Bills quarterback. Michael Gee says Drew should never play another game at QB in Gillette Stadium. Shalise Manza Young looks at just how bad Drew’s numbers were last night.

Bob Ryan says the Bills simply did not live up to their pregame hype. Kevin Mannix looks at a devastated Bills team which was thoroughly dominated on both sides of the ball. Shalise Manza Young says that a supposedly improved Bills team was still no match last night. Kevin Paul Dupont looks at how the Patriots were able to handle the Bills so easily last night. Dan Ventura looks at another frustrating return to Foxboro for Lawyer Milloy.

Steve Buckley looks at Tedy Bruschi, who had an interesting night with an interception of old teammate Bledsoe, and seemingly miraculously avoiding serious injury after having his leg twisted under him in the fourth quarter. Paul Kenyon has more on Bruschi. Steve Conroy looks at another impressive performance from a banged up Corey Dillon. George Kimball looks at the influence and impact of Rodney Harrison on the Patriots defense. Jim McCabe looks at what the Gillette Stadium Operations crew had to do to get ready for this one. Karen Guregian says other NFL QB’s get the attention with their gaudy stats, but Tom Brady beats them all in the stats that count. Frank Dell’Apa looks at another busy night for Adam Vinatieri. Conroy gets some fan reaction to night games.

Rich Thompson and Steve Buckley take a look at the Red Sox being honored before the game, and how there is a new breed of New England sports fan now, ones who only know success. Lenny Megliola says the good times just keep going on around here, and predicts that the Patriots will repeat as Super Bowl champs.

Cafardo’s notebook looks at the injury to Corey Dillon suffered during the first half, and wonders where Asante Samuel was. Felger’s notebook looks at the evening for Adam Vinatieri. Greenberg’s notebook looks at what went right and wrong for the Patriots last night. Dan Pires and Tim Weisberg have a Patriots notebook for the Standard Times. Parente’s notebook says that the Jets loss yesterday could be huge for the Patriots.

Michael Silverman’s Red Sox notebook looks at the apparent departure of bullpen coach Euclides Rojas, while Dale Sveum appears set to return. Dom Amore looks at Carl Pavano, who wants to pitch for either the Red Sox or Yankees.

The Celtics have a three game winning streak of their own going. Shira Springer looks an another period of extended time off for the Green who will seek to keep their momentum going on Wednesday against the Wizards. Mark Murphy looks at rookie Delonte West, who is eager to get back in the mix after his thumb injury.

ABC has Eagles/Cowboys at 9:00.