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Mike Reiss reports from Foxboro this morning with some infomation and humor from Bill Belichick, and Rosevelt Colvin missing his IPod. (A media person must’ve swiped it…kidding…) Ron Hobson looks at the schedule and says that the Patriots could be poised to run the table. Glen Farley looks at the impact Willis McGahee has had on the Bills. Michael Parente looks back at the performance of the Patriots defensive line Sunday in St Louis. Would someone please get Clark Booth another can of Ensure? I fear he’s not getting the proper nutrition at the nursing home. To wit:

If you want to know why a lot of NFL insiders will be happy when Bill Belichick gets his comeuppance some day, ponder that cheesy stunt he pulled in St. Louis that resulted in a 'touchdown pass' from Adam Vinatieri to Troy Brown on a fake field goal. The play was technically legal but laden with a deceit bordering on un-sportsmanlike conduct. That's sandlot stuff hardly worthy of this league, in the minds of true-blue football sorts who would also argue that humiliating a foe is to be avoided at all costs.

Yes, damn that Belichick for playing within the rules and winning the game. That whole notion is simply perverted. Booth also goes after Manny Ramirez for supposedly stiffing his High School’s requests for financial assistance. (A notion pretty much debunked in a thread at SoSH.)

Back to football and Bill Belichick, Mark Starr had a fairly glowing piece on the Patriots coach yesterday. Parente’s notebook looks at Richard Seymour picking up the pace. Ron Borges looks at the supremacy of the AFC over the NFC for MSNBC. Bill Simmons ranks the potential NFL playoff teams. In Buffalo, Jerry Sullivan looks at the selflessness of the Patriots. Tim Graham looks at the damage Willis McGahee could do the Patriots on Sunday night.

Mike Fine has a look at a healthy Raef LaFrentz, making a sizable contribution to the Celtics in the early part of the season.

Eric Wilbur weighs in on Ron Artest and bounces around a number of other topics.

David Scott has a Friday edition of Scott’s Shots, touching on Mike Reiss, Gary Gillis, and a bunch of other media related items.