Abbreviated (and late) Tuesday links while wondering if there is a correlation between posting while on vicodin and the Sox taking sips of JD before playoff games. Speaking of which, was there ever a more overblown story than that one yesterday? Good Lord. I was already in pain, and to spend any time at all listening to that nonsense only made things more painful. The highlight might’ve been Bob Neumeier asking Dan Roche if Kevin Millar was drunk when he did the interview with him last Friday. Roche seemed aghast at the question. Maybe I’m just another moron blaming the media…

As you might imagine, the report cards are a little tough on the Patriots for their performance Sunday, and with good reason. Kevin Mannix and Michael Parente both hand out a lot of D’s and F’s, with Parente opting for slightly more C’s. Predictably Ron Borges is rejoicing over the Patriots first loss in over a year, and he of course has all reason why the team is in trouble and how they screwed themselves. He insinuates that the team misled Terrell Buckley, prompting him to go to the Jets. Tom Curran says things are going to get tougher for the Patriots in the next month, they’re just another good team now, but the good news is at least people will talk about them now. Alan Greenberg says that with all the injuries, the Patriots could be in for a rough stretch.

Mike Reiss looks at some things the Patriots can do to help the secondary. Kevin McNamara says that the loss on Sunday will have fans viewing the Patriots a little bit differently. Michael Felger examines the plethora of injuries the team is facing but notes that they’re not going to use them as an excuse. Nick Cafardo talks to Rodney Harrison about the end of the streak and how to turn things around going forward. Michael Parente looks at the impact the injury to Ty Law could have in the St. Louis game this Sunday.

Cafardo’s notebook speculates about Ty Law’s injury. Felger’s notebook looks at what the coaching staff plans to do to fix the mistakes evident on Sunday. McNamara’s notebook explains why Harrison’s high number of tackles was a bad thing. Reiss’ notebook says after the loss, it’s business as usual in Foxboro.

Bob Hohler, Bill Reynolds and Tony Massarotti look at the Kevin Millar/drinking shots fiasco that dominated talk yesterday. Paul Doyle looks at the Red Sox and politics on this Election day. Michael Gee assures us that winning it all win not cause Sox fans to lose interest in the team. Joe Sullivan of the Manchester Union Leader has a confession to make:

You see, I'm the guy who wrote that the Sox couldn't contend for the wild card once they traded Nomar Garciaparra to the Cubs. I'm the guy who canned my Red Sox hat, donned a Cubs hat and announced that I didn't care about the team