Bill Simmons can’t quite believe what happened the last two nights at Fenway. Rob Bradford looks at the Red Sox attempting to make history. Mike Fine says that it just doesn’t get any better than this. Ken Lechtanski looks at the Sox “Mr October” propelling them back to NY. Eric Wilbur suggests that last night might’ve been the best game ever. Tim O’Sullivan looks at Ortiz pulling the Red Sox fans back in. Kevin Thomas also has a game story from last night. He also looks forward to possible history in the making. Still a little early for that. One game at a time, boys.

Chaz Scoggins writes about another miracle for Ortiz. Kathy McCabe looks at Ortiz making his own Daddy proud. Alan Greenwood says Ortiz and the Red Sox are at least getting the attention of New York. Del N Jones writes that Ortiz decided that enough was enough last night. Bob Stern also has a look at Ortiz. Fine has a look at the contribution by Tim Wakefield. On a national level, Eric Neel of Page2 says it’s time for Curt Schilling’s storybook game. Thomas’ notebook looks at Schilling’s throwing session yesterday.

Eric McHugh looks at the Patriots improvement in their Red Zone defense. Tom King says focus is the key to how Ty Law and the Patriots have reached their goals to this point. Glen Farley says that Patriots/Jets makes for a perfect 10 matchup. Gary Meyers of the NY Daily News says the Patriots are beatable, and looks at Herm Edwards’ efforts to end the 20 game winning streak. Richard Lezin Jones looks at Edwards being careful not to provide any bulletin board material for the Patriots. Too late for that, as Chad Pennington said on national TV Sunday after the Jets beat the 49ers that they were going to go up and beat the Patriots this week. Dave Hutchinson previews the battle of the unbeatens. Bob Dicesare of the Buffalo News tells us that history has never seen a team like the Patriots. Gregg Easterbrook jumps on the “Patriots are lucky” bandwagon. He says they’ve avoided injury, which is total bunk. They’ve had plenty of injuries, but have had the depth to overcome them.