Here’s an email that came in yesterday, and after asking the author’s permission, I am posting here on the site. Why? Because I think he does make some valid points in here and at the same time, I’m not afraid of or threatened by criticism. It’s part of the deal. I’ll address some of his points as we go along:

Subject: Your Globe Obsession

What do you want a Patriots media member to be? A Cheerleader or a more of a realist?

Now I'll stipulate for the record that I'm not from here, but I'm from Detroit where the Media is as cynical and negative as here. What I don't like about the media here is that they go too far both positive and negative when things are going good or bad.

Now I watched FSN last night and saw Felger, who you claim is some kind of great "journalist." He talked about the backup QB situation and said at the end, I can't question Bill Belichick ever and he's right about everything. I have my own opinion, he said, but I can't say it because Coach Bill is always right. Now Bill may be right, but he's not right all the time. And the kind of media you want is the "Big Show" type. They ridicule any team that evaluates personnel every other way. If Belichick is the greatest coach and personnel guy ever like you guys say, he has to go undefeated and win the super bowl every friggin' year.

I don’t know that I ever anointed Felger as the second coming of Edward R Murrow, but in general I think he does a good job covering the Patriots. (Not so on Red Sox topics, but that’s not the subject here.) He hasn’t been afraid to knock them when it was called for. He’s also made a few mistakes lately…Ted Washington….signing of Benjamin Watson to name a couple. I didn’t see the show you cite, but it does seem to fit what FSN is trying to do with that show – Sports radio on TV. Take a stand, don’t back off it no matter what. Be controversial. With a lot of these guys, there is a difference in what they write and what they say. I don’t want all positive, but there shouldn’t be a need to go out of the way just to find something to criticize, which is what I think the Globe guys do.

The Patriots do an excellent job, and being a Michigan guy, I almost like their players and coaches more than the fawning, condescending media. Now, Borges and Cafardo had a Bledsoe axe to grind and continue to splatter their columns with it. But the snide remarks the other way that Biggies and Felger make aren't bad? Bledsoe was a stiff, I knew all along that this Brady kid was better etc.

Valid point. I don’t like that either. I find the trend to trash guys on their way out and after they’ve left distasteful. With Drew however, I almost think the glee with which his failures are met are in some ways a direct response to having guys like Borges and Cafardo shove him down our throat and how vociferous they were when Belichick kept Brady as the starter when Drew returned from the collapsed lung. But for people to say that they knew all along that Drew was a stiff is ridiculous as well.

And another thing, if a media member brings up the fact that a player wants to get his money in the NFL, that is an agenda? That's total garbage, especially in this league where guys put their post-career lives on the line and don't have guaranteed contracts. In that sense, I'm with Ron when it comes to the players' and the owners chokehold on the collective bargaining process. Seymour and Brady and other should be paid market value...But I'm sure when they come up and take someone else's money or holdout, all of the Patriots' friendly media will smear them in an attempt to say, "They're not part of the team." And that will be ok, because according to you, only the guys who write for the Globe have agendas.

I don’t think it’s the players wanting to get market value that bothers me, but the constant painting by the Globies that the Patriots are a “cheap” organization that is always trying to underpay their stars. This is what you hear time after time. It’s as if the writers have no concept of a salary cap and that if you pay a few guys huge money, the rest of your roster suffers. The Patriots are trying to avoid getting themselves into salary cap trouble in the future, yet at the same time, they’re always right up against that cap number. How can they be “cheap” and at the same time spending as much as they do? Balance. The guys at the end of the roster are making more money than guys at the end of other rosters, because they’re more talented than those guys. The Patriots are playing by the rules and trying to best they can to keep as much talent on their team from top to bottom. But from listening to certain media people, the Patriots are simply cheap and trying to avoid spending big money, trying to keep Tom Brady and Richard Seymour from making what they deserve. I don’t buy that.

Hey no offense, I like the website, but you have an agenda too...So let's not go nuts and say you're even handed. You want the media to be player friendly sometimes, and team friendly other times. And if they don't agree with your slant, they have an agenda. Bruce, every member of every media has an agenda.


Part of the idea behind this website was not only to call out the media agendas as I see them, but in some part to also treat the media exactly like they treat the subjects they cover. It’s amusing to me to get emails from (media) people complaining that I’m making them look bad, or that I’ve misquoted them or taken their words out of context. The irony in that is so delicious, yet I’m sure it doesn’t even dawn on these people what is happening. BK, you made some good points in your email, and as I told you, I appreciate that you could give me criticism without resorting to profanity, name calling and other juvenile attacks. Feel free to give me your opinion any time.

That goes for anyone else as well. I get a lot of email each day, and I try to respond to as much of it as I can. Feel free to drop me a line, and occasionally I’ll try to address them on the website as I did this one.