Before we get into the regular links, I want to note that there will not be extensive Olympics links on this page during the games. I will link to a few articles here and there, especially when they’re by a major Boston writer about a major sport (Like Bob Ryan on Basketball) but in general, if you want to read about track and field events or weightlifting, this might not be the place to come for those particular sports.

The Red Sox needed a bit of a rally to get past the Devil Rays last night. After giving Bronson Arroyo a 3-1 lead, the Rays then promptly tied the score right back up at three. Then the Sox had a five run rally to put the game away. Gordon Edes looks at the Sox getting some timely hitting for a change. Michael Silverman looks at the Sox seeking to leave the sea of mediocrity. Steve Krasner looks at Jason Varitek, finally reaping some of the rewards of extra batting practice sessions. Jeff Goldberg says Boston hasn’t been laughing at the “Forever .500’s” but hopefully last night was a spark. Ron Chimelis looks at Bronson Arroyo battling through to get his fifth win of the season. David Borges looks at Bronson Arroyo getting the win a year after his perfect game for Pawtucket. Joe Haggerty also has a look at Varitek stepping up to deliver a key blow for the Sox.

Paul Harber, Joe McDonald, Lenny Megliola and Steve Buckley each look at the outing for Arroyo, who has developed into a reliable starter for the Sox. Mike Shalin looks at the night for Varitek. Adam Kilgore suggests that Ramiro Mendoza could be a key to the Red Sox bullpen down the stretch, and finally healthy, the ex-Yankee has shown encouraging signs as of late. Michael Silverman looks at Manny’s return to the lineup, he was unproductive, but in good spirits. Kilgore also has a look at Orlando Cabrera, starting to show something with the bat. Harber has a look at Carl Crawford, choosing baseball over basketball and football, and on track to be a star on the diamond. Zach Rocha has a look at Rickey Henderson…who just keeps on playing the game he loves.

Steve Buckley (subscription only) talked with Pedro Martinez over the weekend in Detroit. They were talking about Greg Maddux getting his 300th win. Pedro was glad for the slight-of-build Maddux, but doesn’t forsee himself sticking around long enough to get 300 himself. He says his next contract, if he gets what he wants, will be his last. Howard Bryant (also subscription) wraps up the exit of Nomar, but also talks about Pedro a little bit. He feels that Pedro has reached a comfort level this season with himself, and that there is warmth between he and management…something that clearly wasn’t there between management and Nomar. He says that “Martinez’ apparent comfort this season is one of the more underreported – and welcome – storylines of the year.”

Edes’ notebook looks at the return of Manny, and also looks at the diminishing effectiveness with a high pitch count of a certain Red Sox ace. The Herald notebook looks at Curt Schilling, determined to make up for his poor outing on Monday. The ProJo notebook has more on Manny returning to the lineup. Goldberg’s notebook looks at the frustration of Scott Williamson, who has experienced yet another setback. Chimelis’ notebook has Doug Mientkiewicz commenting on the Red Sox lineup. Borges’ notebook looks at Kevin Youkilis.

Kevin Mannix says so far, so good in the Corey Dillon experiment with the Patriots. Nick Cafardo and Christopher Price both take a look at David Patten, who is battling for a spot on this roster. Price’s article also gets Patten’s thoughts on “Madden 2005” where the Patriots have a nearly perfect ranking. Michael Parente takes a look at the elder statesman on the defensive line, 24 year old Richard Seymour. Alan Greenberg looks at Dana Stubblefield and Dan Koppen, going head to head in practice and each hitting the playbooks afterward. Hector Longo has a look at roster spot battles midway through camp. He stated on CN8 last week that he thought Ty Law might get cut, and apparently still feels that way:

And what of Ty Law and his $7 million salary and $9 million cap figure, you ask?

Two words: Lawyer Milloy. That is, if the young guys can play. Law still could be deemed expendable, as long as the youngsters prove their worth.

I highly doubt Law will be cut. Chris Kennedy has a look at Bob Hallen’s ties to the Pro Basketball Hall of Fame. Shalise Manza-Young profiles Fred McCrary, hoping to have a healthy season and make an impact. Cafardo’s notebook looks at still nothing getting down between Benjamin Watson and the Patriots. Mannix’s notebook looks at Patten. Longo’s notebook looks at six players on the hot seat in camp. The ProJo notebook looks at Rohan Davey getting some praise from Bill Belichick. Kennedy’s notebook looks at preparation for Friday night’s preseason opener.

Jonathan Comey says that the Celtics have gotten better, and he thinks they’re a playoff team even now.

John Molori looks at Steve Buckley’s Old Time Baseball game. Christopher Price looks at how ESPN has changed culture in it’s 25 years on the air.

NESN has Red Sox/Devil Rays at 7:00. ESPN has Cardinals/Marlins at 7:00 and Angels/Orioles at 10:00. CN8 will have Olympic Games talk on Sports Pulse at 10:00. NESN will have the Globe’s Sports Plus at 11:00 with Nick Cafardo and John Valentin in to talk about the wild card chase.