Glen Farley has a look at Stephen Neal, who is still trying to make his impact in the NFL after suffering a season ending injury last year. Farley also includes the tidbit that Neal defeated Brock Lesnar a.k.a. “The Next Big Thing” while in college. Lesnar is now trying his own hand at an NFL career. Tom King has a look at Keith Traylor as he tries to win the job vacated by his former Bears teammate Ted Washington. Del Jones reports on the Patriots being educated on the rules changes for this season by NFL officials. While the first part of Mark Farinella’s “thoughts” style column is about Nomar, most of the rest of it is about the Patriots. Jones’ notebook says that Terrell Buckley is glad to be back with the Patriots.

Tom Caron tells us in his mailbag than Nomar was not a clubhouse cancer. We’re even getting Dante Bichette to weigh in on Nomar? Bichette recently signed with the Nashua Pride so that his sons could be in New England and watch Nomar play.

Mike Loftus looks at Sergei Gonchar getting $5.5 Million in arbitration.