The Nomar talk and stories continue to dominate print and airwaves. Eric Wilbur tells us this was a bad deal for the Red Sox, but more common are stories like the one from Mike Fine, who tells us to Forget Nomar. He says Nomar was a “weird duck” and that the Red Sox had to get rid of him. This is still a hard story to totally figure out. There are more and more horror stories coming out, and media people behind the scenes tell me that when it all comes out, Nomar is going to be a hated figure in Boston, (even more than Clemens) that guys like Shaughnessy and Callahan actually have held back much about Nomar. A couple things still bother me here, such as how come we’re hearing about all this stuff now…after the fact. If Nomar was such a monster, why was it only hinted at before he left, and now is coming out in full force? If the media has legit stuff, aren’t they obligated to report it? Of course, some media people have been banging the “Nomar is a bad guy” drum for some time, but because of the track record of said journalists, we tend to take what they say with a grain of salt, or view it as just another “the sky is falling” proclamation to increase newsstand sales. It also still bothers me somewhat that so many of the media types have such close connections to the Red Sox, and that it seems the coverage is one sided. Who knows. It appears this Nomar story is not going anywhere for a while, and could get a whole lot uglier.

Eric Moskowitz says NH fans are taking the Nomar trade in stride. Sean McAdam for looks at how the trade has changed the Sox, on the field and in the clubhouse. Scott Miller of lists the Red Sox among the trade deadline winners.

Of course, we can’t let slide the news that Roger Clemens was ejected from his sons’ 10-and-under game. Clemens spit sunflower seeds at the umpire’s leg while contesting a call at second base.

Glen Farley has a feature on Patriots QB Kurt Kittner. He’s bounced around a little, especially this year, but is still only 24 and has potential. Carmine Frongillo looks at the Patriots’ expectations for Corey Dillon. Eric McHugh looks at Tom Brady emerging as number one on the Boston sports scene.

Peter King’s Monday Morning QB has a look at Doug Flutie among the other weekly items.