Well, it is done. The Sox traded disgruntled star shortstop Nomar Garciaparra for some defense yesterday. Orlando Cabrera and Doug Mientkiewicz are coming and former first round pick Matt Murton is also departing. Trade stories from Bob Hohler</b , Sean McAdam, and Michael Silverman. The spin from the Red Sox and Theo Epstein is that defense was the “fatal flaw” of the Red Sox and Theo Epstein accepted responsibilty for that. Epstein also goes on to say that this is about defense and not about Garciaparra. Silverman has comments from Curt Schilling who seems relieved that the Sox are stepping up their defense and he likes Cabrera. Nick Cafardo, who got reaction from Doug Mientkiewicz on the trade and rave reviews from the Sox on Orlando Cabrera, explains that the Sox took a big step in improving their infield defense. Jonathan Comey buys into the sentiment that this was about the Sox defense and not about Garciaparra.

But it really was about Garciaparra and what the Sox would get from him in his final couple months with the team. In fact, Hohler informs us that