The long rest appeared to do wonders for both Pedro Martinez and Curt Schilling as they managed the two wins over the Angels in the weekend series out West. Yesterday the Sox got eight innings from Schilling, and four RBI from David Ortiz to defeat the Angels 6-2. Gordon Edes says the Sox got themselves pulled up by Schilling’s performance. Dave Heuschkel says that Schilling once again showed himself to be a stopper in getting the Sox back on track and in the win column. Jeff Horrigan says that while Schilling may have pitched without a shot of marcaine yesterday, David Ortiz soothed things out with a shot of his own to help Schilling to the win. Dan Shaughnessy wants things to run a little smoother around the Red Sox. He goes after the Dominicans on the team. He wants Manny back in the lineup, he wants Pedro to stop goofing around in the dugout during losses, he wants David Ortiz to stop strutting after homeruns. Yep, those Dominicans, they’re the cause of all the problems with the Sox.

Lenny Megliola says Manny is faking his hamstring injury. Actually, he says “jaking”. OK. The Dennis and Callahan theory is that Manny is faking the injury because he is jealous that Pedro got to leave early for the All Star break. Gordon Edes also looks at the frustration of not having Manny in the lineup. Heuschkel also has more on the Manny Hammy Mystery. With Manny out, Gabe Kapler has had a chance to play, and has been playing well in his expanding role. Michael Gee has a look at the outfielder. Gee also has a subscription column in which he looks at the Red Sox 27-11 record when Pedro and Schilling pitched and their 23-29 record when anyone else starts. Bob Halloran says that losing out on Randy Johnson would kill a lot of the buzz around the Sox. Del Jones says that Nomar is unwanted in Boston. Heuschkel’s notebook has a look at Ortiz’s day yesterday in the face of a possible suspension. Horrigan’s notebook says a Randy Johnson trade is unlikely. Edes’ notebook has an update on Tim Wakefield.

The buzz around the Celtics rookies continues. Steve Bulpett says the three Celtics draftees can play in this league, and has a number of other thoughts and observations about the young Celtics from the summer league games. Shira Springer also has a look at how the draftees have done this summer. Bulpett also looks at the Celtics coming up short in their summer league finale.

Bob Ryan and Joe Gordon look at British Open winner Todd Hamilton.

In yesterday’s Boston Globe magazine, Charles P. Pierce had a look at how the FCC crackdown has been affecting local talk radio, one of the stations specifically looked at is WEEI.

Shot of Dennis and Callahan while in sensitivity training?

Julie Kahn is the general manager for WEEI and WAAF, and she is a large figure in the story. She says the following about the philosophy at her stations:

"In my two radio stations," explains Kahn, "we talk to men with what men want to talk about -- women, sports, sexual innuendo with women, and sports again. It's part of what we do."

The article later looks at the Dennis and Callahan METCO incident, revealing that the two were sent to sensitivity training – twice, and it “scared the bejesus” out of the two of them. Apparently not so much the first time, if they had to go a second time. Kahn also says she’ll send them a third time if necessary.

The Monday edition of Scott’s Shots has a look at the Sunday Night sports shows and a number of other items from the weekend.

NESN has Red Sox/Mariners at 10:00. ESPN has Cubs/Cardinals at 8:00. CN8’s Sports Pulse will have Shira Springer in to talk Celtics and John Molori to talk sports media at 10:00.