More Red Sox links from last night’s win over the A’s. Garry Brown looks at the Sox once again winning at home. Bob Stern looks at Johnny Damon’s mad dash around the bases in the 10th inning. Mike Fine says that once again, it was Mueller time. Alan Greenwood also has a recap of last night’s excitement. Chaz Scoggins tells us that Boston and Randy Johnson are not a good fit. Christopher Young tells us what the Sox players see when they each look into the mirror. Brown also has a look at Derek Lowe’s media session yesterday. He says the reporter asked Lowe “How’s your confidence”. The quotes from the various papers have different things being said during this exchange. Most accounts say that the opening salvo was “How’s your head?” (apparently delivered by Johnny Miller of WBZ radio) some accounts have Lowe making reference to a “mental gidget” or “mental reject” or “mentally fragile”. Ray Duckler looks at the recent resurgence of both Derek Jeter and Nomar Garciaparra. Brown’s notebook says that Damon made the mad dash despite a sore knee.

Bill Simmons weighs in on the Celtics investing 6 years and 41 million dollars into Mark Blount. After initial trepidation, he’s convinced this could be a good deal for the Celtics. If you never got a chance to read Simmons’ old Digital City Boston site, this was the type of article you’d see on there all the time. Jim Fenton also looks at the Celtics getting the deal done with Blount.

Mike Loftus looks at Joe Thornton’s decision to sign with a Swiss team.

The Lafayette Advertiser has an article on the Patriots’ Kevin Faulk and how he’s been busy in the community this offseason. Andy Hart looks at Patriots rookie Cedric Cobbs adjusting to the NFL offseason schedule and workouts.

Do my eyes deceive me, or is Steve Silva actually claiming on his website that Theo Epstein is wasting too much time as he “continues to hit dead ends trying to track BDD sources when he should be out looking for live arms.”

Wow. One phrase pops to mind at that statement: self-aggrandizing.

Rich (He of the Saturday links fame) gave the WEEI morning show a shot this morning because he wanted to hear Michael Holley. He also took some quick notes on the Tim Kurkjian interview:

RJ to Yankees?: Not convinced it will happen. Johnson