Sweep. Yeah, you can listen to the inevitable panic and anger on the radio and in the papers. The venom will be out in full force. Despite that, that was a helluva baseball game last night. Am I upset the Sox lost? Of course. I’m annoyed at Don Orsillo’s call of the end, where he couldn’t manage even a hint of a somber tone when talking of a “crushing defeat for the Red Sox”. Maybe he was caught up in the moment? But his words came out almost gleeful. Not what I needed to hear at the moment. Sorry, don’t need to throw Don under the bus here. Yeah, I know, to paraphrase Nick Cafardo, I sound hurt, like a lot of Sox fans.

Yup, that was some game. It had everything. Too bad it’s going to be spoiled by the coverage of it today. As I’m writing this sentence, I have not even looked at any of the papers, yet I know what they’re all going to say. I know Shaughnessy is going to say, I know what the NY papers are going to say. Oh well. Let’s list out the game stories: Bob HohlerJeff HorriganSteven KrasnerDon AmoreDavid Borges. The Red Sox still put up a brave front after the game, led by the manager. Sean McAdam looks at this angle, and at one point compares Terry Francona to Butch Hobson. Dan Shaughnessy is Dan Shaughnessy. Steve Buckley (subscription only) actually has a pretty decent take on the game. It was an amazing game, yes, the Sox can talk about fighting the good fight, and all that, but in reality, the 2004 season starts tonight in Atlanta. We’ll see what the team is made of. Tony Massarotti says these teams are just on totally different levels. The Globe sent Nick Cafardo out to find Grady Little and get him to talk about the Red Sox and his time here. Nice timing.

David Heuschkel writes about Curt Schilling not liking what he saw over the last three nights. Massarotti reports on an angry exchange between Schilling and Scott Williamson before the game last night. Joe Haggerty looks at the classic in the Bronx last night. Curtis Leskanic was en route to being a hero last night, but it fell apart for him at the end, Michael Silverman has a look at the righthander’s outing. Cafardo has a look at Captain Intangibles, Derek Jeter as he made an admittedly amazing play to preserve the tie score in the 12th inning. Steve Buckley looks at Nomar on the other hand, who sat out the entire game, not even making a pinch hitting appearance. Hohler’s notebook looks at Nomar and Trot sitting out, and has some bad news on Ellis Burks. Horrigan’s notebook gives an update on Williamson. The Projo notebook has Schilling saying the blame should go to the players, not the manager. Heuschkel’s notebook says Nomar was not benched last night. Amore’s notebook has the Yankees angry over Gary Sheffield being hit twice last night. Borges’ notebook looks at the shuffle of the starting lineup for the Sox.

Steve Conroy and Nancy Marrapese-Burrell look at Ted Donato, leaving the Bruins to coach Harvard.

Bill Griffith, back from Italy, reports on the sports culture there and looks ahead to this weekend. Dave Scott looks at Red Sox/Yankees and Manny, Charlie Pierce, and of course Shaughnessy in today’s edition of Scott’s Shots.

UPN38 has Red Sox/Braves at 7:30. CN8’s SportsPulse will feature an interview with Michelle Wie, and will have James Murphy in studio to talk NHL. FSN will have Michael Felger and John Tomase at 6:30 and Bill Burt at 10:00.