The bipolar Sox continue their up and down ways with a 12-3 thumping of the Phillies, managing to take two out three heading into a midweek series with the Yankees. Jeff Horrigan says that this one was big for the confidence of the team and that perhaps the Sox can take a little momentum into the Bronx. Steven Krasner looks at Curt Schilling, settling down after a rocky start and getting his 10th win of the season. David Heuschkel says a sense of urgency helped the Red Sox out yesterday. Nick Cafardo says the win gave the Sox some much needed confidence. David Borges looks at a sorely needed series win for this club. Bob Ryan says some regular season baseball wins really are more important than others, and this was one of them. Lenny Megliola looks at the Sox bats finally doing some serious damage. Sean McAdam looks at how Manny, Ortiz and Schilling have really carried the team thus far this season.

Michael O’Connor and Marvin Pave take a look at Curt Schilling overcoming his slow start to post his 10th win of the season. Jon Couture looks at a big day with the bats getting the Sox a series win. Michael Silverman looks at Theo Epstein, willing to make changes on his roster in order to get this team where it needs to be. John Habib reports on a Theo sighting in Manchester’s Gill Stadium, where he was checking out his AA pitcher Chris Smith of the Portland Sea Dogs. Jeff Sullivan says that Bill Mueller may begin his rehab with the PawSox as early as tonight. Joe Haggerty looks at the big 3-4 of Ortiz and Manny. Mike Shalin looks at Nomar trying to get his swing back into form. Borges’ notebook looks at the “Dominican Dandies” of Manny and Ortiz. Cafardo’s notebook looks at the Sox missing out on Freddy Garcia, who went to the White Sox yesterday. Heuschkel’s notebook says Theo isn’t going to be sitting back during the trading period. Krasner’s notebook has more on Theo’s expectations for the team, and reports that Ellis Burks may play for Pawtucket tonight as well. Horrigan’s notebook looks at Mueller’s rehab progress.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell and Steve Conroy look at the Bruins drafting UMass-Lowell’s Ben Walter, son of former Canadiens’ player Ryan Walter. Conroy’s notebook looks at the Bruins selecting six forwards during the weekend’s NHL draft.

Gabe Kahn looks back at the NBA draft, matching the picks from his mock draft with the actual selections.

George Kimball likely didn’t win any friends in the Andelman household with his article tearing into Eddie’s “Bash for Cash” boxing card scheduled for August 6th at Lynn’s Fraser Field. Kimball basically ridicules some of the ideas put forth by Andelman for the event.

As for the Ron Borges information posted in this space on Friday, and subsequently denied by Borges, my source, who is a fairly prominent, and reliable member of the Boston sports media, insists that some form of discipline was handed out to Borges recently. Whether the paper played semantics and didn’t officially call it a “suspension” is a matter of debate. This person talked to two different people from two different newspapers in town, who both said the same thing regarding Borges. It’s noteworthy that nothing from Borges appears in the Globe archives from June 15th until June 26th. A neat 10 day period. During that time, Nick Cafardo, who has been doing pretty much exclusively baseball this year, was pressed into doing the NFL Sunday notes on the 20th. Request for a comment via email from Sports Editor Joe Sullivan via email went unanswered. Draw your own conclusions on this one. Of course, Bill Griffith hasn’t written for a little while either, and no one is suggesting that he’s been suspended. (He’s on vacation in Italy.)

Dave Scott actually touches on this matter, he also reviews the Sunday night shows, including a nice retort from Doc Rivers to an inane question from Steve Burton (does he ask any other kind?) and a few other items in the Monday edition of Scott’s Shots.

NESN has Seadogs/Navigators at 6:00. Too bad they couldn’t they have shown the PawSox tonight, with possibly both Bill Mueller and Ellis Burks in the lineup. ESPN2 has Rangers/Mariners at 10:00. CN8’s Sports Pulse will have Shira Springer in to talk Celtics, Michael Parente to talk Patriots, and Steve Zipay of NY Newsday to talk sports media, all on the 10:00 show. FSN will have John Tomase and Jon Meterparel on the 6:30 show and Sean McAdam on the 10:00 show.