First of all a huge thanks to all those who made the Spring mini fund drive a rousing success. The goal was reached, and even passed by about $70. I’m always blown away by the generosity and support of the readers.

Tim Wakefield and the Red Sox finished off a three game sweep of the Blue Jays yesterday. Game stories from yesterday: Michael SilvermanDavid HeuschkelDavid BorgesSteven Krasner and Bob Hohler. Wakefield, still adjusting to being a dad, was one of the main stories of the day, generating articles about his performance. Sean McAdam wonders if Wakefield is really the ace of the Red Sox staff. Bob Ryan, John Connolly, Joe Haggerty and Jon Couture all have additional articles on the job done by the knuckleballer. David Ortiz was another big story from yesterday, Karen Guregian says the slugger shows no signs of letting up after signing his new contract. I didn’t think he would, but a little early for that angle, isn’t it Karen? Marvin Pave has more on Ortiz, who is leading the AL in doubles. Rich Thompson and Paul Harber have pieces on leadoff man Johnny Damon. Tony Massarotti says that the Sox are winning with their patience at the plate. Thompson has a look at the battery combo of Wakefield and Mirabelli. Jim Donaldson shows why he’s nothing more than Shaughnessy lite, as he submits another tired, mailed in column about the angst of Red Sox fans:

You'd think, given all that, that Sox fans would be ecstatic. That they'd be enjoying the moment.

You would think that, unless you had spent significant time in New England, and thus come to understand the tortured psyche of the true Red Sox rooter -- an angst-ridden, long-suffering soul, who, at least subconsciously, considers himself cursed and isn't really happy unless he's miserable.

Can’t a highly paid journalist at least come up with his own material? Does Shaughnessy get a cut of this? If I was Dan, I’d be demanding one. And who’s fixated on the players? I don’t know any fans that are “fretting” about it…but I know that there are stories in the paper everyday about the free agents to be…Steve Buckley (subscription only) pulls his old trick of taking what he talked about on the radio yesterday and making it a column today. This time it’s Kevin Youkilis and that he is still with the big club, and will be facing Moneyball man Billy Beane and the A’s this week. Alex Speier has an interesting piece on the defensive alignments the Sox have been using against some of the opposing team’s sluggers. Connolly looks at another strong outing for the Red Sox bullpen. Krasner’s notebook has more on new dad Wakefield. Borges’ notebook looks at the Sox success at home. Heuschkel’s notebook, Hohler’s notebook and Silverman’s notebook all look at Bill Mueller getting another opinion on his injured knee.

Not much else out there on this Monday morning. Plenty of good links on the weekend, continued thanks to Len who puts those up for me, and allows me to have a semblance of a life on Saturday and Sundays.

Shira Springer has a brief note about the Celtics lining up a few pre-draft workouts.

Mark Blaudschun has a look at BC AD Gene DeFilippo as the school prepares to make the leap to the ACC.

David Scott has a look at the Sunday night sports shows, including Steve Burton’s interview with Ty Law (transcript below) and a number of other notes from around the media world. He also has an explanation of why Bob Ryan was not on PTI last week, even though he is the usual first replacement for the show. Scott’s Shots got BSMW a mention by Sean McDonough on Friday night baseball last week, as McDonough mentioned the behind the scenes piece that Scott did on May 10th.

NESN has the Portland SeaDogs taking on Binghamton at 6:00. ESPN has Pistons/Pacers game two at 8:00. ESPN2 has Astros/Reds at 7:00.