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WBZ Sports Final Interview with Ty Law’s Agents The Postons May 16th, 2004 Conducted by Steve Burton

Steve Burton=SB
Carl Poston=CP
Kevin Poston=KP

Steve Burton (Intro): They are black, they are brothers, they are attorneys. They’re also two of the top Sports Agents in the world. Meet the Poston Brothers. These two represent Ty Law. They are a dynamic duo, not to be taken lightly. Especially when it comes to contracts.

Carl Poston: Bill Belichick was in the same situation with the Giants. He was uncomfortable with the contract situation and filed a lawsuit and ended up with the Patriots. Ty’s in the exact same situation. But Bill’s on the other side of the fence this time. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against Bill. I don’t have anything against the Patriots. But, when you cross my client, you cross us.

Kevin Poston: We represent over fifty clients. Ty Law’s at the top. Ty will give you everything he’s got. But he wants to be treated fairly. Everyone does. You do.

SB: You guys come out and say “fair treatment, fair treatment” and people can’t relate to what you’re saying. I’m telling you back home they’re saying “51 million dollars? Is that not fair enough?”

KP: You know why? You know why? Cause you’re looking at the money. You say 51 and you’re like wow (SB: Yeah anyone would) but let’s look at it this way: let’s look at it in simplistic terms. Let’s look at five dollars. Because it’s all relative. OK? It’s all relative. Why? It could be a hundred million. It’s about what your fair market value is.

SB: People back home think you guys are giving Ty Law bad advice. They’re thinking you changed Ty Law. He’s greedy, he’s a greedy player, he’s a selfish player and it’s all coming from his agents. You two.

CP: Ty Law is 30 years old. The Patriots had no intention of letting him go. Know why? Because they know he’s worth a lot more. Even though Ty said I will take a pay…I will take less to play for the Patriots than I would to play for another team.

SB: Did Ty say that?

CP: Ty said that.

SB: Ty has said, we have quotes of Ty Law saying ‘I played like the best cornerback in the league. I want to be paid as the top cornerback in the league.

KP: I’m sure he does. But remember one thing Ty also did. And in all my years in this business, fifteen years, I’ve never had a client say ‘You know what? Let me find out exactly what I have to do. I will buy out my contract. Forget trade. Buy it out. I’ve got so much money that I will write you a check because all I want to do is be treated fairly. Now that’s a heck of a statement.

SB: How in the world..how in the world can Ty Law go back and play for the Patriots now after he just called his boss a liar.

KP: Difficultly. He can do it. He can do it. Ty’s the man. He didn’t say that to belittle Bill. It may have belittled Bill. But he said it because in his mind, that’s the truth.

SB: Belichick lied to him?

KP: That’s the truth. According to Ty Law.

SB: And you believe your client?

KP: Without a doubt. There’s no issues about Ty’s truth. Or his integrity.

SB: What about the trouble Ty gets into? Ty got arrested recently. Rolls-Royce. He was running from the police.

KP: Oh, he was running from the police? That’s what they say.(SB:That’s what they said.) (CP: I don’t believe those things.) (SB:I don’t know what he did) If he was running from the police, I don’t think they would’ve caught Ty.


CP: Also, if you’ve ever been to South Beach on a Friday night, I don’t see how anyone could flee. It’s bumper to bumper traffic, about ten miles per hour. Ty’s not going to leave his Rolls-Royce sitting there. Now, I think there was some other issues that took place there.

SB: Have you talked to Ty about it?

CP: Oh yeah. I talked to him that night. He called me. And he said ‘Carl, this stuff is not true. I don’t know what they’re trying to do to me.’ Some of the stuff is just very stereotypical. In that light, an officer, an overzealous officer is trying to make a name for himself.

SB: Belichick talk to you?

CP: No.

SB: Why? Why not, I should say.

CP: That’s his problem. I would call but I’ll get a call back from Scott Pioli.

SB: Are you willing to talk to Bill?

KP: I’m willing to talk to anybody.

CP: I was in Boston for the draft and I tried to talk to Bill. I tried to talk to Scott. They told me they were too busy. Ty was willing to charter a private jet if they’d agree to have met. To fly into Boston. To meet. They didn’t want to me. They said there’s nothing to discuss.

SB: Do you think they’re hurt by what Ty said? Calling the coach a liar?

KP: They may have been.

CP: I’m sure they are.

SB: But you’ve got to see the Patriots’ side of things. Ten million dollars against the cap. For one player. Your player. They’re saying, hey what is that, one eighth? Your player’s costing this team, great player but one eighth.

KP: Okay.

SB: Okay what?

KP: You can trade him. That’s the business. You got a great player, you get a big cap number.

SB: Do you see their side of it?

CP: Of course. I just wouldn’t have made the decision they made.

There is also an alternative edition that you can watch, Here.