This was one of those games that conventional logic tells you the Red Sox should have no problem with. Those are the games that usually come back to bite you. Derek Lowe had another rough outing as he continues his pitch for free agency and a new contract. Game stories from the 8-4 loss are provided by Bob HohlerJeff HorriganJoe McDonaldDavid Borges and David Heuschkel. Bob Ryan writes about Derek Lowe, who was “disgusted” with his performance yesterday. Michael Silverman looks at Lowe still trying to find the proper combination of pitches. Michael Gee has a pay column saying that Lowe’s bad outings are hurting his free agent market value. Brilliant! Jeff Sullivan has a look at Kelly Shoppach, and whether he might be ready to replace Jason Varitek next season should the Red Sox catcher move elsewhere in free agency. Steve Buckley has a pay column in which after taking a shot at Kevin Paul Dupont, says that Varitek should be named captain of the Red Sox immediately. John Connolly looks at the streaking Kevin Millar. Nick Cafardo writes about the Sox intentionally walking Mike Sweeney three times and probably wishing they had gone for four. Rich Thompson looks at the role played by Royals reliever Jamie Cerda yesterday. Silverman looks at Bill Mueller’s 13-pitch at bat against Cerda. Thompson also has a look at Carlos Beltran, a potential prize for the Yankees and Red Sox. Hohler’s notebook looks at Mark Malaska rushing himself a bit yesterday. Horrigan’s notebook has Pokey Reese upset with the call at second base made by Umpire Joe West. Heuschkel’s notebook has Red Sox reactions to comments by George Steinbrenner in last week’s edition of SI. Borges’ notebook looks at KC’s Carlos Beltran…could he be playing for the Sox someday? McDonald’s notebook looks at the struggling Derek Lowe. Connolly has a look at the importance of tonight’s start by Byung-Hyun Kim.

Jim Donaldson does his version of a “thoughts” column, all negative, looking at the Red Sox, the world of sports, and also taking multiple shots at the Celtics. At one point Donaldson brags:

Haven't watched even one quarter of an NBA game this season, and see no reason to tune in now.

Now this is a guy who gets PAID, and quite handsomely at that, to write about sports. Hello. He’s had plenty of columns about the Celtics this year, and yet he didn’t even watch a quarter of one game the entire season? So what exactly qualifies him to comment on the Celtics or NBA at all? This is precisely the type of arrogance in the media that really turns off a lot of people. I’ll admit that the Celtics weren’t that good or entertaining this season. I actually watched them. I did a daily blog for them over at FSNE, and I was getting a paid to do it, I felt a duty to watch the games and know what I was talking about. Guys like Donaldson feel they can not watch the games and yet weigh in with strong opinions and expect to be taken seriously. Peter May has a brief notebook on Doc Rivers putting together his coaching staff.

Russ Conway looks at the state of the NHL as the lockout looms.

Scott’s Shots has an exclusive, behind-the-scenes day/night with Sean McDonough and the gang in the TV38 Friday Night Booth – plus the Sunday night show recap and all the action from the weekend. John Molori looks at CN8’s “Sports Pulse” in this week’s edition of Media Blitz. He has high praise for the CN8 show, which might seem to be a conflict of interest as he has appeared on the program. Molori also looks at the 15th annual Hot Dog Safari and has a new segment – “Three up and three down” looking at who is hot and who is not in the Boston Sports Media.

NESN has Red Sox/Indians at 7:00. (ESPN2 Nationally) ESPN has Lightning/Flyers game 2 at 7:30. TNT has Pacers/Heat at 8:00 and T-Wolves/Kings at 10:30.