The Sox dropped another in Cleveland last night, falling 7-6 to the Indians. About the only good thing we can say about this one is that the Sox bats finally came alive in the ninth inning, putting across four runs in that frame. Joe McDonald says that the frustration is mounting for the Sox. He has Bill Mueller taking the blame for this loss because of a couple of errant throws. David Heuschkel says that the bats came alive too late. Michael Silverman says that last night’s loss featured a couple of new tricks for the Sox. Poor defense and so-so starting pitching. Bob Hohler says the Sox need something to free them from their worst May start since 1976. David Borges has the Sox somewhat encouraged by the ninth inning rally. Karen Guregian looks at a frustrated Derek Lowe following the game. Silverman is among the reporters in Boston who has a good relationship with Pedro Martinez. Today, he pens somewhat of a defense of Pedro, laying out what has happened thus far and urging fans to consider all the angles rather than just letting it become a black-or-white, good-or-evil issue. John Tomase says that Pedro is now at the mercy of the Red Sox. Gordon Edes looks at the challenges the Red Sox have faced in getting insurance on any new deal for Pedro. Sorry John Dennis, Pedro is not responsible for the current losing streak, no matter how many times you want to stir up a “curse of the bratino”.

Guregian talks with Lou Merloni about Nomar and his injury and situation with the Red Sox. Edes also takes a look at former Sox farmhand Rafael Betancourt, who registered the save for the second straight night against the Sox. Dan Shaughnessy looks at Harvard infielder Zak Farkes, who is aiming for the big leagues. (What? I figured Dan would be penning the article about the death of ’75 Sox manager Darrell Johnson. Maybe that’s for tomorrow.) Edes also has a bit on a one-on-one interview with Pokey Reese that will be televised on NESN tonight. (Reeses Pieces? They couldn’t come up with a better title?) Heuschkel’s notebook has Johnny Damon saying that of the Sox free agents the one that they cannot afford to lose is Jason Varitek. Hohler’s notebook has Scott Boras, the agent for Varitek and Lowe saying that he will not be negotiating during the season for either of his clients. McDonald’s notebook has a switch in the batting order for Bill Mueller. Borges’ notebook looks at the move to the bullpen for Bronson Arroyo. Silverman’s notebook has the Indians up in arms at Manny for admiring his 459 foot home run in the sixth inning and then having words with Indians pitcher Jason Davis.

Shira Springer has a brief report on Doc Rivers maintaining that he only has say in personnel when it comes to his coaching staff, not his players. She contacted Dr. Jack Ramsey who says he stands by his story that Rivers told him he had approval over player moves as well. Listening to Danny Ainge on WEEI yesterday was quite an experience. Ainge talked about the draft, he doesn’t plan on moving up unless he could get the # 1 or # 2 pick because the talent is so distributed in this draft. A guy drafted at 4 might have less of a long term impact than a guy drafted at 24. He said Jim O’Brien had a big say in previous player moves, says that previous Celtics drafts were a mess because it was done by committee, so while some wanted Kedrick Brown and Joe Forte, others wanted Zach Randolph and Tony Parker. He said that the coaches thought Kedrick Brown had more potential than Joe Johnson and that is why Johnson was dealt in his rookie year. He said O’Brien could’ve been a positive influence on Ricky Davis, and was at first, but he and his staff didn’t want to coach him. He expects Davis to do well under Doc Rivers, and laughed at the suggestion of trading Paul Pierce. He did acknowledge that they will need to obtain another superstar in order to contend, likely by trade as it would be hard to draft or sign one. They do expect to sign a free agent or two this summer. Just not an impact one.

Jonathan Comey looks at the special attention being given to Pat Tillman, who was a special man in Comey’s eyes.

NESN has Red Sox/Indians at 7:00. ESPN has White Sox/Orioles at 7:00. ESPN2 has A’s/Yankees at 10:00. TNT has Spurs/Lakers at 9:00.