Yesterday was a day to breathe a little bit. Enjoy the events of the weekend. David Heuschkel has a nice look at Keith Foulke and what he has meant to the Red Sox bullpen. Even the Yankees are impressed by him. Bob Hohler also looks at Foulke, for whom baseball is job, not something he’d pay to watch if he wasn’t pitching. Jeff Horrigan says that the bullpen as a whole is functioning in textbook fashion. Dan Shaughnessy loves Manny. He wants you all to know that Manny is not a bad guy, and he never thought he was.

Let’s get this straight about Manny: He has been roughed up in this space and others when he declined to run out a ground ball, or vanished on an important weekend, or refused to pinch hit. But he is not a clubhouse cancer. Never has been. Not even close. He comes to the park early, does his job, and goes home.

Thanks for setting that straight for us, Dan. Some of us were confused. David Borges also has a look at this “new” Manny. Michael Silverman has a look at Mark Bellhorn, who has been effective enough at the plate to draw a league high 19 walks thus far. Jeff Sullivan looks at the return of Brian Daubach. Jon Couture says that games in April count as much as games later in the season. Sullivan also has some baseball thoughts from the weekend. Did you know that “Byung-Hyun Kim is one small dude?” Hohler’s notebook looks at knee surgery for Ellis Burks. Horrigan’s notebook also looks at Burks.

Kevin Mannix polls GMs around the league who feel the Patriots got a steal with Vince Wilfork, even if the rest of their draft wasn’t all that good. Michael Parente says the Pats hope as many players from this draft stick around as have players from the last two drafts. Ron Hobson says the draft went according to plan. Gerry Callahan has a pay column on Pat Tillman, who he calls the ultimate American. Jim Donaldson lauds Chargers GM A.J. Smith. Why? Because he’s a Providence homey. Rich Thompson looks at Marquise Hill. Mike Reiss says there is a lot to ponder from this draft. Parente also looks at safety Dexter Reid.

By the way, when thinking about the Patriots being knocked for having a “make up” draft by a certain Globe writer…it occurred to me…what does that same writer think about the Bills spending a first round pick on a QB, a mere two years after trading a first rounder for Drew Bledsoe – a favorite of the writer? Is that an admission that Bledsoe was a bust? Anyone remember Tom Donahoe crowing after acquiring Bledsoe…saying that they stole him for only one first round pick, when they were actually willing to give up more? Remember the huge rally in Buffalo? The parade? How quickly things change. This is not a knock on Drew, its just another indictment of the ability of the media to make any sort of player evaluation. has a bit on the media’s inability to judge talent. Scroll down to the “Scouts Scoff At NFL Writers” section.

John Carroll is out at Celtics coach, and the search for a replacement begins. There are also roster reviews from both major papers. Links are over at Fox Sports Net. Lenny Megliola also has a piece on Danny Ainge meeting with the players yesterday morning.

John Molori looks at Pat Tillman, the NFL draft, Bob Ryan and a couple other items in this week’s edition of Media Blitz.

Stan Grossfeld looks at a program of youth boxing. Children, actually as young as three years old.

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