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Dale Arnold of WEEI just reported (10:15 am) that NFL veteran, Pat Tillman, has died serving his country in Afghanistan. Tillman gave up a multi-million dollar salary in the NFL to volunteer to serve in the war against terror.

It didn’t take long for the media to bring the heat to Tito Francona. The Sox lost yesterday 7-3 to the Blue Jays after taking a 3-1 lead into the 7th inning. John Dennis started the assault on D&C at 6:00 am by referring to the manager as “Grady Francona”. As Dale Arnold pointed out, the circumstances are entirely different. Foulke and Embree were not available last night. The other side of the argument is that Timlin and Williamson were available. But the key point here is that Schilling is not Pedro and has no such history after 105 pitches. Bob Hohler, Sean McAdam, and Jeff Horrigan have game stories. Tony Massarotti explains the tough decision made by Francona. Gordon Edes explains the changes in the sudden media and fan friendly, Manny Ramirez. Hohler’s Notebook explains that the Sox will use the off day on Monday to give the starters an extra day of rest. Tony Massarotti’s On Baseball looks forward to a weekend series in New York.

The NFL Draft begins tomorrow (ESPN). Michael Smith looks at the needs of the Patriots. I prepared a Patriots Needs Analysis for the draft coverage on this site as well. Kevin Mannix explains that running backs are a gamble at the 21st pick of the draft and that may be why Corey Dillon is a Patriot. Tom Curran says that this draft is hard to figure out for the Pats with the Ty Law situation being a big X factor. Ron Borges tells us that the University of Miami is a prep school for the NFL. Contrast the Borges article with Adam Shefter’s column a couple weeks back in the Denver Post. According to Adam, Miami is corporate headquarters for Football for Dummies as Shefter looks at Wonderlic scores of all prospects. David Scott has his take on the NFL Draft in Scott’s Shots.

3 Games to Glory II is now available at CVS Stores after it premiered at the Showcase Cinemas in Randolph last night. The Red Sox 2003 movie, We Still Believe (7 Games to Agony II), will premier at theatres on Monday. I won