This is one of those fun, rare nights that only happens a few times a year in Boston sports. The Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics will all be in action tonight. The Bruins in the playoffs, the Celtics in the playoff hunt and the Red Sox, well, it seems every game of 162 this year is going to be treated like a playoff game.

Sox got their first win of the year, behind Curt Schilling. (Hey, he only went six innings…where’s this “horse” we’ve heard about?) The game stories are plentiful…Bob HohlerJeff HorriganSean McAdamDavid Heuschkel…and David Borges. Michael Holley has a look at Curt Schilling’s Red Sox debut. Steve Buckley has a look at Keith Foulke ending his spring struggles with an impressive 1-2-3 ninth inning. Gordon Edes looks at the impressive bullpen performance turned in by the Sox yesterday. Nick Cafardo says the flap over Pedro Martinez leaving the ballpark early on Sunday night is over, at least in the Sox clubhouse. Buckley has a pay column saying that Pedro sent the wrong message with early exit. Yawn. Lenny Megliola gets a Philly media person to say bad things about Francona. Howard Bryant looks at Kevin Millar being shaken up after an outfield collision with Johnny Damon. Bryant has a pay column saying that the Sox just need to settle down, relax, play their game…all will be fine. Hohler’s notebook has more on the Damon/Millar collision. Horrigan’s notebook has Pedro being instructed as to when it is ok to leave the ballpark. McAdam’s notebook has the Pedro incident being put to rest. Heuschkel’s notebook also looks at Millar/Damon, as does the notebook by Borges.

We’re two games into the season and already the Boston sports media has managed to act disgracefully. Their idea that fans need constant controversy is annoying and embarrassing. Consider what has happened since Sunday night: Dan Shaughnessy puts out two articles on Pedro being a diva and about his leaving early, strongly slamming Martinez for his actions. Shaughnessy has since been exposed as a hypocrite (not for the first time) on SOSH and the message board on Red, where a quick trip through the Globe archives has Shaughnessy seemingly approving an early exit by Roger Clemens back in 1996. The second item: WEEI trying to stir things up with the claim that Pedro did not show up at the ballpark yesterday. They carried the theme right up to the Red Sox pregame show, trying to incite listeners and stir things. In reality, as Cafardo’s article above states, Pedro was at Camden Yards at 1:30…or a full half hour before the abbreviated Big Show went on the air. Yet they continued to promote this false controversy. Third item. Steve Buckley’s Ron Borges-like confrontation with Terry Francona yesterday. Trying to goad him on, not letting Francona answer a question before making some snide comment such as “”I always thought this was known as a general baseball rule isn’t it?” This from the guy who inspired the “Let him finish” chorus on WEEI…


The Bruins open up the NHL playoffs tonight. Stephen Harris looks at the Bruins trying to erase their recent history of early playoff exits. Paul Doyle says Bruins/Canadiens is the highlight of the first round series around the league. Kevin Paul Dupont says that if Joe Thornton can’t go, Michael Nylander is willing and able to step up into his spot. Karen Guregian says that Thornton should be a go for tonight. Douglas Flynn looks at six questions facing the Bruins as they enter the playoffs. Joe McDonald says that the Bruins appear poised to make a run at the Cup. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell says that the Bruins have their sights set high. Jim Hoban sizes up the Canadiens. Guregian also says that the Bruins goaltending gives them the edge in this series. Marrapese-Burrell’s notebook says Thornton is hopeful for tonight. Harris’ notebook has Brian Rolston giving the Canadiens some bulletin board material.

On Monday night, Patriots coach Bill Belichick made a low-key appearance over at Boston College to speak to a group of about 500 students about leadership. From a BSMW mole who was there, Belichick informed the crowd during a Q&A session that “we will not be trading with the Lions for the 6th pick in the draft. You can take that to the bank.” Tom Curran has an interesting article on the Patriots upcoming draft and their philosophy in looking for players. He also seems to float the idea out there that Detroit planted the story of talking with the Patriots about the number six pick just to let everyone around the league know that the pick is available, but the price is high. In other words, that Ron Borges played the fool and took Detroit’s bait.

The Celtics will be in Miami tonight to face the resurgent Heat. Links are over at Fox Sports Net.

John Molori’s Media Blitz looks at this very busy time in the sports viewing world.

NESN has Bruins/Canadiens at 7:00. The Red Sox/Orioles game will be on CN8 at 7:00. You can also check NESN’s alternative channel listings to check where the game will be shown in your area. FSN has Celtics/Heat at 7:30. ESPN has Red Wings/Predators at 7:00 and Warriors/Blazers at 10:00. ESPN2 has Giants/Astros at 7:00 and Stars/Avalanche at 10:00.