Harvey Frommer is a professor at Dartmouth College and the author of more than 33 sports books. Along with his son, Frederic, who is a correspondent for the AP out of Washington DC, they have written a new book that is totally dedicated to the rivalry between the Red Sox and Yankees.

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The book is a coffee-table style book loaded with pictures from the years of rivalry, right down to last fall. There are pictures of Zimmer on his face on the Fenway turf. There’s a picture of Manny, bat in hand motioning towards Clemens. There are pictures, stories and recaps from the battles of the 70’s with Munson and Fisk, back to the 40’s with DiMaggio and Williams.

There is a section of the book just dedicated to pictures of Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium. The pictures throughout the book really make the book. There is a section in the back that consists of just quotes from people involved with the rivalry, players, executives, fans and yes, media members. (Skip Shaughnessy’s quotes, they’re just a plug for his book and how he doesn’t root for teams, he roots for the story. He says Bucky Dent is a wonderful story.) Other than the Shaughnessy quote and a few other small-minded individuals the quotes section is some good reading. Interesting are items from players and managers who have been on both sides of the rivalry.

All in all, the book’s best feature is the pictures. Many of which I had never seen before, and many that have historical significance. The book focuses on the games and series between the teams, so if you’re looking for a definitive history for either team, you’re not going to get that. There are other books which do a better job of that. It’s about the rivalry, and as such, it does a pretty good job. Too many references to the “curse”, however. I’ll give it a BSMW 4 out of 5 stars.