No links this morning due to technical difficulties. Hoping to make up for it this afternoon by passing along some items of note in the sports radio world.

First, indications are that WEEI will most definitely be streaming on-line again, at some point. That actually should be sooner rather than later, but stay tuned for that. It may initially only be The Big Show, as I’m told that Glenn Ordway has a specific clause in his contract that calls for his show to be streamed/networked. If it doesn’t happen, there are penalties involved. They’re hoping to stream all the local programming, but it will probably start with the Big Show.

During times that the Red Sox or other games take the Internet stream down, they’re looking to fill the stream with Interviews and “Instant replay” type material.

Streaming is the first priority for WEEI, but there are number of other initiatives that the station is working on. After they get the streaming going they’ll focus on some other projects. These include syndicating (networking) the Big Show to other stations around New England. Another possibility, though not right on the front burner, is working something with FSN to get the Big Show televised like Mike and Mad Dog do on the YES network.

Some people have emailed and noted that the Whiner Line has seemed a bit more “tame” in recent weeks. Well, let’s just say that Howard Stern isn’t alone in struggling with the FCC. I’m guessing that WEEI is self-policing itself in this area, not wanting to provoke the wrath of the Feds, and have not actually been censored in any way…

As for WWZN, the new shows that are being added are not because the station is spending more money to improve programming. What the station is doing is selling, or even giving airtime to personalities (or producers or salesmen) and allowing them to sell advertising and try to make a few bucks off the endeavor. Not a sound strategy for long term success, but then again, the Celtics contract is about the only thing keep WWZN afloat these days. But who knows, they might even come across a discovery or two in the process.