While Ty Law continues to attempt to shoot his way out of town, he’s being ably assisted by his personal newspaper, the Boston Globe. You know, I could just go off on this again…but what’s the point? Pointing out inconsistencies and hypocrisy in Ron Borges columns is easier than shooting fish in a barrel. Today’s column by Foxboro Ron – Minister of Misinformation – has more holes than a Dunkin Donuts store. I’ll admit though, it takes some stones to say in the same article that reckless spending doomed the franchise in the late 90’s, and then say that not writing the exorbitant checks for Law, Woody, Washington, etc now will cause the downfall of the franchise this decade. You know what? I’ve wasted enough bandwidth on this subject already. Just ignore him. By the way, if you’re into viewing car wrecks on the side of the highway, here is a transcript of Law’s interview with James Brown. How bad is it for Borges? Heck even Buddy Thomas gets it. Michael Felger has a look at Mike Vrabel taking home a well-deserved honor from his teammates. Ian M. Clark has a look at Troy Brown visiting Manchester, where he didn’t really want to talk about Ty Law. He indicated that when his time comes, he’s going to go out with his head up and a smile on his face. Tom Curran has a quick bit noting that it appears that David Patten is still in the plans for the Patriots. Apparently the franchise didn’t try to cheat him out of his roster bonus. Borges’ notebook has a look at the visit to Foxboro by John Lynch.

By the way, after blasting D&C yesterday for the Butchie thing, they were enjoyable this morning in taking on Borges.

Tony Massarotti looks at Curt Schilling adding a cut fastball to his repertoire. Nick Cafardo says any Schilling outing on the mound is an event. Dan Shaughnessy is discouraged by his job today. It’s no fun reading about and reporting on the steroid scandal involving Major League Baseball. Sean McAdam has Red Sox reaction to Selig’s plan for steroid testing. The Herald also looks at the Red Sox skepticism to the proposed plan. David Heuschkel and David Borges say that Curt Schilling and Jason Varitek have met their match in each other when it comes to game preparation. Massarotti also looks at Lou Merloni, trying to make the Indians opening day roster. Cafardo’s notebook looks at the recovery process for Trot Nixon. Michael Silverman’s notebook says that there is a slot open in the Red Sox bullpen for someone to step in and claim. McAdam’s notebook has more on the outing by Schilling.

Kevin Paul Dupont looks at the outstanding play of the Bruins “rookie” goaltender, Andrew Raycroft. Karen Guregian looks at the play of the second line as a key to the Bruins’ success. Dupont’s notebook says Sergei Samsonov is itching to play tonight, Guregian’s notebook says that Patrice Bergeron might not be far behind.

Celtics came up with a win against Carmelo Anthony and the Denver Nuggets last night. The links and details are over at Fox Sports Net.

ESPN has Bruins/Wild at 7:30. TNT has Pistons/Nets at 7:00 and Timberwolves/Spurs at 9:30. CBS tips off coverage of the NCAA tournament at Noon.