David Scott has his Scott’s Shots Spring Training Caravan day three, this time from Fort Lauderdale.

Pedro and Nomar met the media for the first time in the spring yesterday. Nomar was understandably still hurting from the Red Sox efforts to acquire ARod during the offseason. Gordon Edes, David Heuschkel, Steven Krasner and Jeff Horrigan have a recap on what Nomar had to say. Tony Massarotti says it would be a huge blunder for the Red Sox to allow Nomar to get to free agency. Meanwhile, Pedro had his say as well, and the always entertaining Martinez went through his conference telling reporters how much he doesn’t like them, answering questions about game seven, and what the future holds beyond this season for him. Michael Holley takes the first turn with Pedro, while Horrigan, Heuschkel and Krasner file reports as well. Bob Hohler has a summary of both sessions, and tries to read the tea leaves of the two superstars. Steve Buckley has a nice article on Ellis Burks, and manages to get through it without mentioning his uniform number. Well done Buck. Buckley also has a pay column on the theatrics of the two press conferences yesterday. Lenny Megliola tries to kill some time before opening day. Gerry Callahan’s pay column looks at Theo Epstein and how the Sox GM isn’t concerned about making his superstars happy, nor is he particularly worried that he has so many going into their final year of their contracts. Epstein says in retrospect, the Sox decisions to let Clemens and Vaughn walk, weren’t as bad as they seemed at the time, as they used Clemens’ money to get Pedro and Mo’s career was essentially over after he left Boston.

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Horrigan’s notebook looks at Pokey Reese, while Hohler’s notebook and Krasner’s notebook both focus on Burks.

The Patriots DVD arrived yesterday, and while I have not had a chance to do much more than flip through the menus, I can see already that it is well worth spending the money for. It contains much more than the DVD of two years ago. Included is the entire game with the World broadcast feed with Dick Stockton, but it is like the games in the “Three Games to Glory” disc. Each play is shown, and then you move directly onto the next play. There are some other nice bonus features as well. I hope to take a longer look at it tonight. Tom Curran says the Patriots are in position to become a superpower in the NFL. Michael Felger and Michael Smith report on the Patriots decision not to raise ticket prices. Skip Wood of USA Today has a piece on how opposing GM’s are trying to study and copy the Patriots model of building a team.

The Bruins and Islanders played to a 0-0 tie last night on the island. Kevin Paul Dupont, Stephen Harris and Dan Hickling report. Harris’ notebook says that Sergei Samsonov is stuck in injury limbo. Hickling’s notebook has Mike Sullivan feeling for a fired colleague. Dupont’s notebook looks at the 90 minute delay to start the game.

Are you pumped for the start of the Chucky Atkins era with the Celtics? It starts tonight. Links are at Fox Sports Net.

FSNE has Celtics/Bucks at 7:00. ESPN has NC State/Georgia Tech at 7:00 and then Rockets/Cavs at 9:00. ESPN2 has Lightning/Thrashers at 7:30.